How To Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website – Easy Guide

All types of businesses, be it a startup or a well-established brand continuously look for ways and platforms to effectively target their potential customers. Taking advantage of the current digital era, it did not take long for them to shift their focus on social media marketing. While social media marketing opened doors for brands to promote their products and services, it also allowed them to enjoy and showcase a positive response from their customers. It can be done when brands embed Facebook feed on WordPress website! 

Continue reading to find out more about the best ways to add Facebook feed on WordPress website and how it can help businesses in the long run. 

Let’s get started right away!

Quickest & Easiest Ways To Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website Using Tagembed

Tagembed is a highly responsive and leading tool that enables its users to collect content from over different social media platforms, curate it and embed it on their preferred website including WordPress. 

This tool is one of the leading platforms that offer an extensive range of features to make the Facebook widget for wordpress more impactful. Tagembed offers a wide range of styling options, a content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and a robust support team for 24×7 assistance if the users come across any glitch or hindrance while using the platform. 

This was all about Tagembed. Keep reading to know about the step-by-step guide to embed Facebook feed on WordPress website using Tagembed.

A). Use Tagembed WordPress Plugin To Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress  
B). Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress Using Tagembed Widget Tool 

Method A – Embed Facebook Feed on WordPress Using Tagembed WordPress Plugin

In this section, you will get an insight into how you will be able to easily add Facebook feed in WordPress website using the Tagembed plugin. 

Step1 – Install & Activate The Tagembed WP Plugin

a). Search & Install the Tagembed Social Media Feeds Plugin from the plugin section and activate the Tagembed plugin.

Tagembed plugin

b). And the second option is to download the Tagembed plugin zip on your WordPress directory or upload the zip and activate the plugin functionality.

wordpress dashboard

Step2 – Integrate Facebook Feed on WordPress

a). Start by logging into your WordPress account and scroll down to the Tagembed wordpress plugin and click on Sign up or log into your existing account.


b). Go to Widget and create a new widget.

create widget with plugin

c). Click on the Add Feeds option to choose the Facebook and aggregate the Facebook feeds for your Facebook account.

add feed

d). Next, click on Choose Theme widget to personalize the widget as per your choice, here you can select the layout that best suits your style.

choose theme

e). Click on the Filter tab, here you can remove the content that you don’t want to show on your website feed.

f). Finally, click on the Display tab, and copy the provided shortcode and paste it on your WordPress editor.

Display feeds

Voila! You will have added Facebook Feed with the help of the best Facebook Feed plugin WordPress.

Method B – Embed Facebook Feed Using Tagembed Widget

#Step1 – Add Facebook Feed

  • Start the process by logging into your Tagembed account. If you do not have an existing account, you can start by creating a Free Tagembed account 
  • Here you will get the two options
    a.) Social Widget
    b.) Review Widget

    Choose Social Widget from here.
social widget
  • Β From the given menu, click on Facebook as an optionΒ 
  • Next up, you will be given the option to choose your connection type for aggregating the content. Choose your preferred aggregation source 
  • You need to click on Create feed once done 
  • Lastly, you need to fill in your Facebook credentials and you will be set to aggregate the feeds and within a few seconds, you will be able to see the Facebook feeds on the widget editor

#Step2 – Generate Facebook Feed Embed Code 

  • After you have customized the widget exactly how you want it, you need to click on the Embed widget option present on the bottom left corner of the widget editor 
Facebook Feed Widget
  • From the pop-up option, choose the WordPress option as your website building platform 
  • You can adjust the height and width of the Facebook widget to suit the overall look & feel of the website 
adjust the width and height
  • Next, click on the Get code option 
  • Copy the embed code on a clipboard 
  • Paste the generated embed code where you wish to display Facebook feed wordpress, save the changes and you are done! 

#Step3 – Embed Facebook Feed On Different WordPress Versions

1. Embed Facebook Feed In WordPress Editor 5.0

  • Start by logging in to your WordPress account and navigate where you want to embed the feeds 
  • Select the +Add Block option 
  • Choose the formatting option and select Custom HTML 
  • Paste the copied embed code 
  • Click on the publish button to save the changes and you will have successfully embedded Facebook feed on wordpress website

2. Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Classic Version

  • Log into your WordPress account and navigate to the webpage where you want to show the feeds 
  • Choose the Text mode on the right section of the page 
  • Paste the copied embed code into the area where you want to display the Facebook feed wordpress 
  • Click on the Publish option to complete the process

Key Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On WordPress Website

1. Display Social Proof of Your Brand 

Every brand requires validation from their customers and just as we mentioned the giant number of Facebook users at the beginning of the blog and their possibility to create content around brands, embedding content on the website is an amazing way to display how much your existing customers like and prefer your brand. 

The more your social proof, the more people would trust and put in their confidence in your brand. 

2. Boost Visitor Engagement

It is undeniable that the content posted on Facebook is quite interesting and captivating. Moreover, by embedding Facebook feed feature, you will get a chance to display User-Generated Content i.e. – the content created by the existing users of the brand which is extremely engaging and would interest your website visitors more. 

3. Enhance The Look Of Your Website 

Every website needs to have a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest. The vibrant look of the Facebook feed when embedded on the website can work tremendously to increase the look and feel of your website leading to an increase in the dwell time of your visitor and a reduction in the bounce rate of your website. 

It’s A Wrap! 

This brings us to the conclusion section of the post and you are completely acquainted with the process and significance of embedding the Facebook feed WordPress website. 

It is a strategy that is being used by a large number of brands and marketers and you too need to incorporate it into your marketing strategy if you have not already done so! 

Get going now, embed Facebook feed using Tagembed, and maximize your brand’s business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To add a Facebook feed to WordPress without plugins, you can utilize the built-in WordPress functionality to embed Facebook content directly into your posts or pages. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to the Facebook post or page you want to embed and click on the timestamp of the post.
2. This will open the individual post in a new tab.
3. Copy the URL of the post from the address bar of your browser.
4. Now, go to your WordPress editor and create a new post or edit an existing one.
5. Paste the copied URL directly into the editor where you want the Facebook feed to appear.

Embedding Facebook posts on a WordPress site is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Go to the Facebook post you want to embed.
2. Click on the three dots (…) at the top right corner of the post.
3. In the dropdown menu, select “Embed.”
4. A popup window will appear with the embed code for the post.
5. Copy the provided embed code.
6. Now, go to your WordPress editor and create a new post or edit an existing one.
7. Paste the copied embed code directly into the editor where you want the Facebook post to appear.
By following these steps, you can easily embed Facebook posts into your WordPress site and display them to your visitors.

A Facebook Feed Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate and display Facebook feeds directly on your WordPress website. It simplifies the process of embedding and customizing Facebook feeds, providing additional features and flexibility. With a Facebook Feed Plugin, you can aggregate and showcase posts, photos, videos, and other content from your Facebook page or a specific hashtag. These plugins often offer various customization options, responsive layouts, and additional functionalities like moderation, filtering, and social sharing buttons. They provide an efficient way to engage your website visitors with dynamic and interactive Facebook content.

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