Add Facebook Widget For WordPress

Easily collect, customize, and embed attractive, engaging, and trustworthy Facebook widget for wordpress website.

Creative Features To Design Facebook Widget For WordPress Into Marketing Asset


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Deliberately remove irrelevant or unwanted Facebook posts manually or automatically to offer premium quality content for your Facebook post.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

Lightweight and simple Facebook widget plugin offer responsive integration, compatible with wordpress themes & designs for better user experience.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Facebook widget plugin automatically updates latest Facebook posts instantly in real-time on the website without any manual actions.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Tailor your Facebook widget into attractive and engaging content using themes, design style, background, colors, fonts, etc.

arrow arrow Data Driven Analytics:

Enhance the performance of Facebook widget with our data-driven smart analytics to understand user behavior and engagement.

arrow arrow No Coding:

A code-free solution for everyone to easily add Facebook widget on wordpress website in a single-click without any typical technicalities.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Design highly responsive and custom Facebook feed widget display with complete hands-on editing HTML & CSS for qualitative Facebook feeds.

Why Embed Facebook Widget On WordPress Website

Embedding Facebook Widget Leverage Exceptional Benefits That Enhance KPIs, Performance, & Profitability


Audience Engagement

Instantly captivates audiences’ attention by offering fascinating and engaging Facebook posts, increasing visitors' dwell time on your website.


Boost Conversions

Displaying attractive Facebook widget on wordpress website enhances the quality, reliability, and trustworthiness of content that boost conversion rates.


Creative Content

Wide range of customization features allow you to design beautiful and attractive Facebook posts to offer premium & attractive content on wordpress websites.


Social Proof

Facebook widgets increase the social influence on your wordpress website with awe-inspiring and formidable content using Facebook posts.


Boost Store Appearance

Strategically and beautifully designed Facebook posts enhance website appearance with unique, sparkling, and creative themes & layout designs.


Leverage Traffic

Facebook widgets boost informative and humanized content on your business website, increase the connection and shareability results in more traffic on your wordpress website.

4 Easy Steps To Add Facebook Widget Plugin On WordPress

  1. Create A Free Account
  2. Collect Facebook Feeds From Page, Album, @Mentions, URL, etc.
  3. Customize & Moderate Facebook Feeds
  4. Lastly, Add Facebook Feed Widget On WordPress In One-Click
  5. Download Free WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Facebook feed?

Facebook feed is a collection of Facebook posts from your Facebook business page, album, mentions, URL, etc. to gather all relevant Facebook posts in a single display . You can collect related Facebook feeds using these connections and embed them on your website.

What is the best Facebook feed plugin for WordPress?

You can browse so many plugins on the internet, but to find the best one is quite difficult. So if you are looking for the best Facebook feed wordpress plugin, check for some important features to choose the right plugin that provide :
  • Multiple connection types,
  • Comprehensive Customization options,
  • Robust Moderation Panel,
  • Tracking Analytics,
  • Manageable and Controllable Interface,
  • Free Feeds Creation.

How do I add Facebook feed widget to WordPress?

With Tagembed Facebook feed wordpress plugin you can collect, customize, and display eye-catching Facebook widget on wordpress websites. Using the Wordpress Facebook feed plugin you can easily add Facebook posts on wordpress websites in three simple steps,
  • Create Facebook feed,
  • Customize Facebook feeds,
  • Click to Add Facebook feeds without any code.

Is Facebook Widget Plugin Responsive?

Yes, the Tagembed Facebook widget wordpress plugin is a responsive tool, which is lightweight and easily adjusted with the wordpress website designs and themes. Without any damage to speed and loading time, embedding Facebook feeds with Tagembed wordpress plugin offer seamless experience on all devices.

Is Facebook Feed Plugin Compatible With My Wordpress Website?

Yes, Facebook feed plugin is a compatible tool to easily embed Facebook widget for wordpress websites. You will get complete API access and custom CSS functionality to effectively design your Facebook feed on your own.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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