Interactive Content Formats: The Next Big Thing in Aggregation

In this digital age where you are living, you are constantly bombarded with content. Have you ever felt like getting caught in an endless content loop while scrolling through your social media feeds? That’s why brands started incorporating engaging interactive content and embedding social widgets into websites

To provide more engaging and delightful experiences to customers and website visitors, aggregation of interactive content becomes crucial more than ever. Interactive content helps with customer acquisition and engagement before they move on to the next post, story, or video on their social media feeds

Let’s explore the interactive content formats and why aggregation is crucial for this content type. But first, let’s understand the interactive content and the number game. 

Interactive Content Stats: The Numbers Speak Louder Than Words 

Check out these exciting statistics of Interactive content’s reach and impact that has been on steady growth. 

  • As per the DemandGenreport research, 93% of marketers rate interactive content as highly effective and engaging in educating potential customers. 
  • As compared to pre-recorded videos, people will spend 4x time watching the live videos as per studies. 
  • Interactive content gets 2x more engagement than static content, as per the reports of DemandGen. 
  • Interactive content is effective in repeating visitors as it has a 77% reusable value, reported Content Marketing Institute. 
  • On social media, visual interactive content is 40x more likely to be shared, and the conversion rate increases by 86%. 

These amazing numbers are proof of how interactive content is the next big thing in aggregation.

Interactive Content: The Goldmine In The Digital Age 

Content that prompts your audience to participate in some way rather than consuming the information passively is known as Interactive Content. Interactive content could be as simple as answering a poll or clicking a button, and it doesn’t need anything fancy. 

In simple words, interactive content needs active engagement from your website visitors and audience. The audience can get involved or receive customized information instead of passively reading or watching. It is one of the best methods to collect data and know your audience better. 

For instance, the music-streaming giant Spotify decided to provide an interactive quiz involving users regardless of the day. Spotify shared a ‘Mood Quiz’ that permits users to find a playlist based on their current mood. 

Why Consumer Engagement is Important? 

Consumers have more options than ever before in this digital landscape, from the content they consume to the products they purchase, which will make drawing their attention quite difficult. 

It’s more crucial than ever to learn the best methods to engage consumers in a highly competitive market and keep them connected with your brand. 

As compared to other types of content, interactive content is more effective not only because it enhances engagement but also because it keeps the eyes of the audience on your brand for longer. 

Popular Interactive Content Format Types 

There are several popular types of interactive content formats available. You can try out different formats until you have enough data to decide which content type your consumers or audience respond to best. Here are some of the popular types of interactive content formats mentioned below: 

1. Polls & Quizzes 

To interact with your audience in a super easy way, polls & quizzes are easiest to create. Polls and quizzes are also incredibly engaging. It is because the audience will love to share their thoughts and opinions on topics. 

On your social media feeds, such as Instagram stories or Facebook groups, you can use polls and quizzes. If you have more than 500 subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can create polls on your YouTube channel

The audience loves quizzes, and they are an effective way to spark interest. Due to their shareability, Quizzes are a great-lead generation tool. 

2. Interactive Infographics 

With infographics, the internet was awash around five years ago. Wherever you look, there is a colourful visual display of information in an engaging way. It is because big texts in blog posts often look overwhelming, and this might be a big turn-off for readers. 

As a brand or business, the best way to communicate information to your audience is by creating engaging and interesting infographics. People are more likely to read the aesthetically pleasing design with important information. 

3. User-Generated Content (UGC) 

For this reason, testimonials and customer reviews are crucial for your brand or business. Let your consumers talk about your brand. 

In marketing, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools. User-generated content happens naturally, and you can incentivize your audience to get involved. 

4. Interactive Videos 

In recent years, the popularity of visual content has increased. As per Wyzowl’s reports, 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Of those, 78% found it to be incredibly effective. 

One of the easiest types of interactive content is videos that can be used in marketing gimmicks easily. Videos give businesses creative freedom with their brand messaging and let them engage customers in ways that text can’t do. 

5. Gamifications & Animations 

Gamification is a great way to engage your audience, from simple word searches to online games. Big brands have had great success with campaigns like this, and there’s no reason why they can’t expand. 

Animation goes a long way to catching the attention of the audience. With the right animation apps, using hover effects, GIFs, or dynamic scrolling can be done easily and effectively. Animation keeps people interested when you usually have a lot of information to include. 

6. Interactive Ebooks & White Papers 

The next two types of interactive content are Interactive ebooks & white papers. Ebooks and white papers are not new things. They’ve stood the test of time. Ebooks continue to be one of the most popular forms of interactive content among brands and marketers. 

With a concise and compact design, ebooks and white papers pack an abundance of information. For lead generation and sales, more than 50% of brands and marketers ranked white papers in their top three channels as per the research of the Content Marketing Institute. 

7. Giveaways & Contests 

Giveaways are a great marketing technique because they grab people’s attention and motivate them to interact with your brand. To share content, you can offer incentives to encourage your audience to attend live events or tag friends.

Contests are the best marketing gimmick a brand can choose. On social media, brands have been running contests for years that ask people to like, comment, or share posts to enter. 

Advantages Of Interactive Content Aggregation 

Interactive content is becoming increasingly popular in marketing. Below are some of the amazing benefits of interactive content: 

1. Interactive Content Enhances Engagement 

The best way to increase engagement rates is to offer consumers interactive experiences instead of static content. It is the biggest advantage of interactive content, which has become an excellent marketing solution. To capture the attention of information-rich consumers, brands need creative methods. 

The rise of interactive content formats increases the interaction time and focuses on brand engagement. By analyzing indicators such as link sharing or website, this increase in engagement becomes visible. 

2. Optimize Conversion Rates And Lead Generation 

Interactive content not only generates more engagement but also leads to results in the form of sales, lead generation, and revenue. Thanks to its visual impact, dynamic content provides a richer experience and stimulates customer desires. This type of content can also help them on the path to conversion by grabbing consumers’ attention.

There are several dedicated tools you can use to create interactive content. To find out which one works best, some of these tools offer conversion optimization and app testing features. 

3. Converge Content And Experience 

To educate consumers, brands use valuable content such as ebooks, infographics, and blog posts because they contain a lot of information. Information and entertainment come together in interactive content. The user feels encouraged to consume this content because it grabs their attention. 

There is no point in providing boring and static content to this digital generation because it requires challenges, innovation, and experimentation. Interactive content fulfils their wishes. 

Final Word 

In many marketers and brands’ marketing puzzles, interactive content is the missing piece. In the digital world, interactivity is extremely important as it will enhance the user experience, and it is also the next big thing in aggregation. 

Interactive content does the job in a world where you want everything immediately, whether you want to connect to your audience or drive more conversions to your products or services. In this digital age, people want to learn more about brands, and this is the reason they want more interactive content and immersive experiences. What are you waiting for? Try now! 

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