SEO Benefits Of Facebook Aggregation: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

All around the globe, Facebook is the most used and most popular social media platform with a massive 2.9 billion active monthly users. For marketers and brands, Facebook is no less than a treasure trove of prospective users that they can turn into actual sales. 

The question is how brands can leverage this treasure into a powerful tool, ensuring that these prospective customers get a sight of your social media without requiring them to leave your website. Well, the game-changer for your business is a Facebook aggregator. 

The benefits of Facebook aggregator is no secret anymore from brands. With the magic of Facebook aggregation, brands can easily embed Facebook feeds on websites. Explore the SEO advantages of adding Facebook content to your website with the help of Facebook aggregation in this blog. 

Let’s get started! 

Paramount Statistics Related To Facebook: The Magic Of Numbers 

Before we proceed further, take a closer look at the statistics on Facebook Aggregation. 

  • According to the research of LYFE Marketing, users access Facebook 8 times daily on average. Users are highly engaged on Facebook and regularly check their newsfeeds. 
  • To communicate with their audience, more than 160 million businesses use Facebook every month.  
  • Including a Call-to-Action (CTA) button on your Facebook Business page can significantly increase the conversion rates of your brand by 2.85x
  • As per the reports of the Pew Research Center, over 69% of adult Americans use Facebook, and their purchasing decisions are influenced by the posts on the platform. 
  • More than 1 billion stories are posted daily across Facebook. Nearly 57% of businesses realized that promoting their products and services through stories is crucial to their success. 

Facebook platform is much more than just connecting and sending cute videos to your peers. And you know the numbers don’t lie! 

The SEO Benefits Of Facebook Aggregator For Embedding Content 

To boost the performance, nothing can be more convincing than the brands leveraging the Facebook content on the website. The benefits of Facebook Aggregator are much more than just providing social proof to your website. Check the below list to learn more about the SEO advantages of adding Facebook content to your website. 

1. Increased Engagement And Dwell Time 

One of the major benefits of Facebook aggregator is that it significantly increases user engagement and dwell time. By showing diverse content from different sources, businesses can maintain the interest of their audiences. 

For instance, Facebook posts that contain images get 2.3 times more engagement than posts that contain only text as revealed from the study by Hub Spot. 

The diverse range of content also helps businesses amplify the dwell time of their visitors. Modern audience doesn’t stick to a single website, they keep toggling between multiple websites to get relevant and interesting content. 

To keep your audience interested and hooked to your website, content diversity is the key and it can be achieved easily with the power of Facebook aggregation

2. Improved Social Signals 

One of the major pillars of SEO is social media. The social signals are taken into account as indicators by search engines for a website’s relevancy and credibility. Regarding the direct impact of social signals on SEO, there is some debate though. However, a brand’s strong presence on social media platforms especially on Facebook can lead to a positive perception by search engines. 

You can also implement other social media aggregators into your business. To boost their SEO game, brands need to keep an active social media presence and engage their website visitors. 

3. Improved Brand Awareness

For brand awareness, Facebook aggregation plays a pivotal role. Brands can develop a more comprehensive online presence that presents their brand and values by curating and showing content from different pages. One of the benefits of Facebook aggregator, they attract potential customers and develop loyalty among existing users. To create brand identity and recognition, an online presence is crucial. 

4. Better Brand-Customer Relationship

As a brand, when you display user-generated content it reflects that you care about the feedback and thoughts of your customers. When you embed Facebook content on your website, it encourages your users to create more amazing content and provides a platform for brands to better interact with each other. The more you interact with your customers as a brand the better you foster relationships with them. This will give you an advantage by turning them into loyal customers. 

5. Quality Backlink Opportunities

From the perspective of SEO, having an active and positively-reviewed Facebook page can attract quality backlink opportunities. Facebook reviews play an indirect role in link-building activities which can easily contribute to the overall search engine visibility. It is another SEO benefit of Facebook aggregators to websites and brands. 

Understanding Facebook Content Embedding 

The integration of the images, videos, links, reels, gifs, and other content on Facebook is called Facebook content embedding. The embedded Facebook posts provide a visual element that gets more increased click-through and engagement. 

To increase engagement with Facebook content, an effective method is embedding external content. Images increase interaction rates to 87% on Facebook posts as per the study by Social Media Examiner. 

Types Of Facebook Content Suitable for Embedding 

When it comes to embedding content on the website, here are some of the best Facebook feed examples that can be added. 

1. Facebook Page- To increase your brand growth and online visibility, you can add the Facebook feed of your business page on the website if you have a good number of followers on it. 

2. Facebook Profile- One of the top features of Facebook aggregator is that it can help you embed the Facebook posts of your profile on the website to make it more vibrant. 

3. Facebook Album- To engage your audience on the website, adding Facebook Album is an even more effective method. 

4. Facebook Reviews- One of the forms of user-generated content is Facebook Reviews. The social proof of your brand can be built by positive Facebook reviews

5. Page Mention- The Mention feed is another great Facebook content example that can be added to the website. Embedding Page Mention on your website is one of the benefits of Facebook aggregator you can get. 

Embedding Methods And Techniques 

There are several ways through which you can embed Facebook content on your website. Let’s check out these below-listed ones. 

1. Facebook Widget 

A functional tool that lets you collect, curate, and embed content from Facebook to your website is called a Facebook widget. These widgets are customizable and provide various features like themes, layouts, designs, styles, colors, etc. 

Tagembed is a tool that provides an exceptional Facebook widget through which you can moderate your feed and filter irrelevant content. Tagembed gives you analytic and tracking features to analyze the performance of your feed. This tool is code-free and users don’t require any technical expertise. In the website code, just paste the embed code and it’s done. 

2. WordPress Plugins 

To display your Facebook feed on your website, users can use the Tagembed Facebook Feed plugin for WordPress. This WordPress plugin comes with a highly responsive layout and is optimized to display content on any screen size. For creating a Facebook feed, this plugin from Tagembed is easy to use and user-friendly. 

3. Facebook Page Plugin 

Through the Facebook Page plugin, the users have the option to embed Facebook feed into their website. After entering your Facebook page URL along with widget dimensions, Facebook will provide you with a code that you need to paste on your website. As soon as you paste the code, your feed will embed on the website. 

Wrapping Up! 

As we bring our journey to an end, remember Facebook aggregation is a powerful tool that not only enhances your brand’s online presence but also provides SEO advantages. In elevating your brand reputation in the online marketplace, the benefits of embedding Facebook feeds on your website can be quite helpful. 

Brands can use the benefits of Facebook aggregator with the right approach to improve brand awareness, increase engagement, and foster better customer relationships. 

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