How To Embed IGTV On Website & Its Benefits

Over the last couple of years, videos have become more and more important for smart brands and marketers. Out of all, did you know that about 78% of them say that videos give them a much higher ROI? 

On average, a person spends more than an hour scrolling through video content per day! Noticing the potential of videos, social media platforms like Instagram have also brought in a feature that can enable their users to create and post video content online. 

Just like the title of this post suggests, keep reading to find out more about that feature, and marketers are using it in their marketing game! 

Let’s get started! 

Embed IGTV on Website

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What are IGTV?

Simply put, IGTV stands for Instagram TV and it enables Instagram users to create a channel on the platform and upload high-quality videos on it for the followers to react. If you are unaware of the duration, the users can easily upload videos ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. 

The main purpose of IGTV is to enable Instagram users to create highly engaging content and videos to entertain their followers and potential audience. 

Instagram users can access IGTV in a few different ways. Earlier, Instagram has a separate IGTV button where the users could explore the kind of content they want to watch. However, in early 2020, the platform made a change and the users can now tap into Explore option to watch Instagram TV videos. 

Additionally, the users can also type in the name of the Instagram user or influencer in the search bar to access their IGTV all at once. They can also leverage the option to show their IGTV on their Instagram story. The first 15 seconds of the video will play automatically and the rest can be accessed by tapping on the video. 

Brands and marketers who use social media marketing are highly using the IGTV feature on Instagram for targeting their potential customers. Further embedding IGTV on website can offer tremendous benefits that you will read in the upcoming section of the blog. 

However, first, have a look at the steps included to easily embed IGTV on website using Tagembed. 

Embed IGTV on Website Using Tagembed 

If you are wondering about the process of easily embed IGTV video on website, then it can be done easily with the help of a social media aggregation tool like Tagembed. 

Before we get into the embedding process, here’s a quick look into Tagembed and its functionalities. 

Tagembed is a leading social media aggregation platform that allows users to easily aggregate, curate, and embed social media feeds on the website. Tagembed comes with a lot of advanced features that make it a tool worth exploring and using. 

The users can leverage the customization options and improve the look of the IGTV widget using a wide variety of styling options. Tagembed also offers a content moderation panel for the users to maintain top-quality content on the widget. Other features include advanced analytics, automatic updates, and a robust back support team. 

Have a look at the embedding steps below. 

Step 1 – Create The IGTV Widget 

1. Begin the process by logging into your Tagembed account. You can create a Free Tagembed account 

Login to Tagembed

2. After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard section of the tool.

(a) You can start the process by clicking the Open button.

Edit the Widget

(b) However, if you are an existing user, you can create a new widget by clicking on Create Widget 

Create a Widget

3. You need to click on the Create Feed button. From the pop-up, you need to select Instagram as your content aggregation source

Choose Instagram

4. Next, you need to select IGTV as your connection type from where you want to aggregate the feeds 

Enter IGTV Details

5. Fill in the required credentials and you will be able to see the aggregate videos in the widget editor 

Step 2 – Generate The Embed Code 

1. After you are done customizing and moderating the Instagram widget as per your preference, you will be set to begin the embedding process . Click on the Embed Widget option present on the bottom left corner of the widget editor 

Embed IGTV on Website

2. A pop-up will appear. You need to select your preferred website building platform 

Choose Preferable CMS Platform

3. Click on the Get Code option and copy the embed code in the clipboard 

Embed IGTV Video
Embed IGTV Video on Website

Collect, Moderate, Customize and Add IGTV on website

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Step 3 – Embed The IGTV Widget On Different Platforms 

Now, depending on the CMS platform chosen, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to effortlessly embed IGTV widget on your chosen platform. 

1. Embed IGTV Video On HTML Website 

embed IGTV On HTML website
  • Begin by choosing HTML as your website building platform and log into your HTML account 
  • Navigate to the webpage or section where you want to embed the IGTV
  • Paste the embed code in the backend section of your website 
  • Save the changes by clicking on Apply 

2. Display IGTV Widget On WordPress 

embed IGTV On WordPress website
  • Start by selecting WordPress as your preferred website building platform 
  • Redirect to the webpage or section where you want to embed IGTV on WordPress website. 
  • On the right side of the webpage, click on the visual and text mode 
  • Select the Text mode 
  • Paste the copied embed code in the backed section of the website 
  • Click on Update to save the changes and for completing the process 

3. Showcase IGTV On Wix 

embed IGTV On Wix website
  • Start by selecting Wix as your website building platform and logging into it 
  • Click on the +button present on the left side of the menu bar 
  • Click on More 
  • Select HTML iFrames from Embeds 
  • Paste the copied embed code in the provided field 
  • Click on Apply to save the changes! 

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4. Embed IGTV On Weebly 

embed IGTV On weebly website
  • Start by logging into your Weebly account after selecting it as your website building platform 
  • Navigate to the embed code element. Use the drag and drop feature to embed IGTV where you want 
  • Select the HTML box 
  • Click on the Edit Custom HTML option 
  • Paste the copied embed code 
  • Save the changes and you will have successfully embedded IGTV on website 

5. Integrate IGTV Widget On Shopify

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to embed IGTV on Shopify website

embed IGTV On Shopify website
  • Begin by logging into your Shopify account after selecting it as your website building platform 
  • Click on the online store option under the sales channel section 
  • Choose Themes in the drop-down menu 
  • Click on Action 
  • Select Edit Code in the drop-down list 
  • Select the section/layout where you want to embed the IGTV
  • Paste the copied code into the provided section 
  • Click on Save to apply the changes 
  • Kudos! You will have successfully embedded IGTV on Shopify store 

Note: You can also use Instagram Widget Shopify App to embed Instagram Reels with ease.

6. Display IGTV Videos On Squarespace 

embed IGTV On Squarespace website
  • After selecting Squarespace as your website building platform, log into your Squarespace account 
  • Click on the Edit Option 
  • Click on +Add/Edit block option 
  • Click on the </> code available on the right side in the pop-up bar 
  • Paste the embed code in the box 
  • Click on Done, present on the top left corner of the page 
  • And the process will be done!
Embed IGTV on Website

Collect, Moderate, Customize and Add IGTV on website

Try For Free

Benefits to Embed IGTV On Website 

As promised earlier, this section will give you an insight into the main advantages of this strategy and how it can benefit your business in the long run. 

1. Significant Increase Of Engagement On The Website 

Brands often find it quite challenging to increase the engagement level of their website visitors. Videos work as a highly engaging medium for brands to significantly increase the user’s engagement. 

Moreover, just like everyone else, your website visitors also love scrolling through their Instagram feeds. Hence, embedding IGTV would motivate them to explore your website more, leading to an overall increase in engagement. 

2. Increase Your Instagram Following 

Your website visitors can be your potential followers on Instagram! Yes, if they engage with your content and like the videos you post, there is a high chance that they may feel compelled to redirect to your Instagram account from your website and hit the follow button. 

Ultimately, it is all about the Content you post, and showcasing videos is a sure-shot way to widen your reach. 

3. Escalate Sales & Conversions 

You read that right! Videos hold tremendous potential to tap into the emotional quotient of the viewers which helps in connecting more deeply with the potential customers. 

If you are a brand that posts IGTV showing before and after videos, product tutorials, or videos comprising User-Generated Content, then embedding it on a major marketing touchpoint like your website can help you gain the trust of your prospects and drive in more sales! 

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Final Thoughts 

Reaching the conclusion, we are quite positive that you must be fully excited to try out this strategy into your business! 

This insightful post has given you all the information you require for adopting this strategy immediately and making the most of it. 

Get going and create your Free Tagembed account right away to reap the benefits. Just reach out to us if you face any hindrances or issues while using the widget! 

Ping us later as we would love to know your results too. 

Till then, see you next time with another insightful post!

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