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Free Social Media Widget For WordPress

An easy-to-use social media feeds wordpress plugin to collect, curate, customize, and display social media content on wordpress websites for more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Why Tagembed Social Media Feed WordPress Plugin Is Special Than Others?


arrow arrow Content Moderation

Weed out all the unwanted social media posts from collected social media posts to display superior quality content.

arrow arrow Responsive Widgets

Easily fit on any screen size and device for better user experience, get merged with the wordpress themes and designs seamlessly.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Social media posts automatically update on the website in real-time and instantly as it is uploaded on social media.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Get complete hands on customization features to elaborate social media feeds with creative designs, themes, colors, banners, etc.

arrow arrow Data Driven Analytics:

Share useful data-driven insights to understand “users’’ behaviour with sentiment and major social media content contributors over the globe.

arrow arrow No Coding:

Code-free plugin for painless curation, customization, and embedding social media feeds on wordpress website, single-click integration.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

To advance social media widget design to enhance appearance that resonates with your brand by editing CSS and HTML.

Easy Integration of Diverse Social Media Widget For WordPress Website

Collect, customize, and add social content from diverse range of social media WordPress plugins for seamless user engagement on your WorPress website.


Instagram Widget

Collect Instagram posts via #hashtag, @mention, Stories, handle, tags, etc. to display vibrant posts on wordpress websites.


Facebook Widget

Display creative Facebook posts using mention, Facebook Page, Album, and advance operators on your website.


Twitter Widget

Build a powerful Twitter widget by collecting tweets using @hashtags, username, mention, keywords, List, Favorites, etc.


TikTok Video App

Effortlessly collect TikTok videos from your handle and embed on your wordpress website to boost vibrancy & unique content.


Google Reviews Widget

Collect Google reviews from your business account and display them on your website to bring more conversions and sales.


Facebook Reviews Widget

Display Facebook Review and star ratings from your Facebook Business Page to build trust & social proof of your business.


Linkedin Widget

Embed professional and appealing LinkedIn posts on your wordpress website to connect users with your LinkedIn account.


Airbnb Widget

Showcase Airbnb reviews on your wordpress website to drive engagement, trust, inspiration and sales to boost your business.


YouTube Widget

Increase visitors’ engagement by displaying moving social media content, aka YouTube videos on your wordpress website.

How To Embed Social Media Feeds Plugin For WordPress By Using Tagembed

Enhance Your WordPress Website With Social Media Feeds Plugin In Less Than A Minute

  1. Select a social media source & create a feed using #hashtag, @handle, mention, tags, keywords, URL etc.
  2. Style your social media feeds with themes, banners, background, color, style etc. to display attractive content.
  3. To easily embed the widget just Copy the Short Code, visit your wordpress admin panel, navigate to your Web Page or Post. Next, search for Tagembed Block and paste the Short Code.
  4. Download Plugin

Embed Social Feeds To Leverage Exceptional Benefits On Your WordPress Website

Leverage social media widget for WordPress website to boost visibility, performance, and profitability


Audience Engagement

Interesting and attractive social media widget captivates audience attention, boost engagement and dwell time on your wordpress website.


Boost Conversions

Displaying informational, creative, and interactive social feeds inspires visitors with social proof and real-life product images resulting in more sales.


Creative Content

The beautifully customized and decorated social feeds boost the content quality with creativity, that supercharge your wordpress website content strategy.


Social Proof

Embedding social feeds on your wordpress website boosts UGC, customer reviews, feedbacks, etc., increase social influence on your customers.


Boost Store Appearance

With the vibrant, engaging, and visually appealing social media posts enhance the look & feel of your wordpress website, with sparkling content.


Leverage Traffic

Displaying social media widget boost authentic, informative, validating, and trustworthy content boost visibility and traffic on your wordpress website.

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