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A free tool to embed social media visuals like UGC, customer reviews, images, videos, etc. to enhance visual appearance, earn trust, & offer unique experience on your Squarespace website.

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Powerful Features To Augment Social Media Widget Into An Asset

Enhance curated social media widget into attractive, engaging, and ROI driven tool to maximize performance & desired results


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Deliberately weed out irrelevant or inapt social media posts from an array of curated content to maintain quality & better user experience.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

A lightweight and seamless integration of social media feeds well fit on different screens and devices compatible with website themes & designs.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Collect and update latest social media posts automatically and instantly on your website to display fresh content to your users.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Customize your social media feeds into beautiful displays on your website with themes, layout styles, banners, background, colors, fonts, etc.

arrow arrow Data Driven Analytics:

Understand user behavior, interaction , and major content contributors of your website with smart and data-driven analytics.

arrow arrow No Coding:

Without many typical technicalities, embed social media widget on Squarespace website in a step-by-step process with no pain of harsh coding.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Enhance the appearance of social media feeds in the way you want by changing design & style using Custom CSS.

arrow arrow Add CTA:

Make your social media feeds into conversion driving content by adding CTA buttons to add products, descriptions, & prices.

Steps To Easily Add Social Media Widget to Squarespace

  1. Create Social Media Feeds From 15+ Social Media Channels
  2. Customize & Moderate Social Media Feeds With Themes, Designs, & Custom CSS
  3. Generate Embed Code By Clicking On Squarespace As CMS Platform
  4. Select “ Code” & Paste Embed Code On The Web Page
  5. Lastly, Save Changes To Live Social Media Feed On Squarespace Website
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Social Media Widget To Maximize Results On Squarespace Website

Leverage The Power Of Social Media Widget To Derive High Performance, Results, & KPI’s


Audience Engagement

Social media feeds are exciting and appealing that easily catch the audience's attention and engage them with fresh, unique, & interesting content.


Boost Conversions

Enhance website authority and reliability with UGC, customer reviews, and inspirational social media posts that turn into conversions.


Creative Content

Build your website content into highly creative content with a wide range of customizations features using themes, layout designs, and many more.


Social Proof

Impart social media widget on Squarespace website to retrieve enormous benefits of social influence to boost awareness, visibility, and connection with the audience.


Boost Website Appearance

The vibrant, attractive, and creative designed social media feeds boost website overall appearance with unique and sparkling themes & layout.


Leverage Traffic

Social media feeds enhance user-experience and imprint a unique impression of your website that increases shareability, drive more traffic on the website.

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We are glad to choose Tagembed’s squarespace social media feed widget for our website. It has an easy interface that our team members easily operate without any difficulties. We also received instant support from the Tagembed team that enhanced the efficiency of this tool more for us.

George Reid Product Consultant
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Tagembe is the best social media feed tool so far to collect and embed social media posts on our website. I would recommend this tool to others also to embed social media feeds on their website too as it is cost-effective, easy, and requires zero coding.

Nick Hindle Professor
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Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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