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Social Media Widget for Shopify

Install our free Social Media Widget on Shopify to display social media feeds, customer reviews, UGC, custom posts, etc. on your Shopify store.

Augment Social Media Widget Into Marketing Tool

Exclusive features to design and elevate social media widget into powerful tool to drive engagement, increase social reach and conversions on Shopify Store.


arrow arrow Content Moderation

Dynamic filtering feature allows you to remove unwanted or irrelevant social media posts from the social media widget to display only the best quality content.

arrow arrow Responsive Display:

Offer the best user experience and engagement with responsive social feeds that fit on any device and screen size, easily merged with all Shopify store themes & designs.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Social media feeds get automatically and instantly updated on your Shopify store without any manual assistance as any social media post uploaded.

arrow arrow Customized Feeds:

Design your social media feeds with a wide range of customization options using themes, layout designs, background styles, banners, fonts, colors, etc. resonate with your brand.

arrow arrow Robust Analytics:

Get useful customer insights with our in-built analytics to understand users' behavior and interaction with your social media feeds to enhance performance and engagement.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Create your own custom CSS design to display social media feeds in the way you want. Custom CSS allows you to hands-on your skills to design attractive social feeds on Shopify.

arrow arrow CTA:

Make your social feeds into Shoppable social media feeds by inserting a CTA button and adding product links to increase sales on your Shopify.

Hub Of Social Media Widget For Shopify

Integrate Diverse Social Media Widget Into Shopify To Drive Maximum Results and ROI


Instagram Widget App

Integrate Instagram feeds on Shopify via #hashtag, @mention, Stories, handle, tags, etc. to display vibrant engaging content.


Facebook Widget App

Display creative Facebook posts using mention, Facebook Page, Album, and advance operators on your Shopify.


Twitter Widget App

Collect powerful Twitter feeds using @hashtags, username, mention, keywords, List, Favorites, etc. to display on Shopify.


Tiktok Widget App

Effortlessly collect TikTok feeds from your handle and embed on your Shopify store to boost vibrancy & unique content.


Google Reviews App

Collect Google reviews from your business account and display them on your Shopify store to boost authenticity and sales.


Facebook Review Widget App

Display Facebook reviews & ratings from your Facebook Business Page to build trust & social proof of your brand.


Vimeo Widget App

Collect & embed Vimeo videos on your Shopify app to enhance user experience, engagement, & connection with your brand.


YouTube Widget App

Increase visitors’ engagement with moving social media feeds ‘YouTube’ videos on your Shopify store to boost branding.


LinkedIn Widget App

Easily embed professional & appealing LinkedIn posts on your Shopify store to connect customers with authentic feeds.

Easy Steps to embed Social Media Widget on Shopify Store

  1. Install Free Shopify App
  2. Collect Social Feeds From More Than 15+ Social Media Sources
  3. Personalize Social Feeds Using Themes, Designs, Banner, Background, Colors, Fonts, etc.
  4. Use Moderation To Enhance Quality Of Social Feeds
  5. Lastly, Embed Social Feeds On Shopify In A Single-Click
  6. Install Shopify App

Benefits Of Using Social Feed App On Shopify

Social Feeds Boost Your Shopify Store Presence, Performance, And Profitability Exponentially.


Audience Engagement

Displaying social feeds on your website boost attracts audiences’ attention that increases engagement and interaction with Shopify content.


Boost Conversions

With shoppable social feeds, you can leverage the trust and authenticity of your Shopify store while allowing visitors to buy products concurrently.


Creative Content

Increase creative content on your Shopify store with social feeds and design them using themes, styles, fonts, colors, custom CSS, etc.


Social Proof

Social feeds influence your audiences with peers' reviews & feedback that drive actions, engagement, and trust in your Shopify store.


Boost Store Appearance

Increase the appearance of your Shopify store with vibrant and alluring social media feeds with colorful, attractive, and engaging content.


Leverage Traffic

An attractive, informative, and engaging social media feed results in driving traffic by increasing the shareability of your Shopify store.

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