How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website – Best Guide in 2024

Considering the sudden shift in the buying behavior of consumers, you might have developed a website using Squarespace; what next? Well, it’s time to develop a brand reputation and for that, you need to add reviews to Squarespace website.

If you are a brand that enjoys a good amount of ardent fans who take out their time to write reviews for your brand and if you are ignoring it or not using it in your business, then you are missing out on a lot.ย 

Adding customer reviews to the website is a smart way to leverage customersโ€™ voices. And with Tagembed, you can do it with ease. If you are wondering about the sources from which you can aggregate reviews, 6+ major review platforms can be used to embed reviews on Squarespace website.

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Major Review Aggregation Sources For Your Brand Website:

  • Google reviews:- The content can be collected from the Google My Business page for almost every niche. 
  • Facebook reviews:- If you are a brand with an active Facebook business account/page, then aggregating reviews from your FB page can be your best bet.ย 
  • Airbnb reviews:- This is a great source to aggregate content especially if you are in the hospitality sector. The platform users use Airbnb to tell about their experiences with the property they stayed in. 
  • Yelp reviews:- Yelp is another great platform for aggregating customer reviews. Mainly meant for small businesses like restaurants and service providers, a large number of people put in their faith while going through reviews on Yelp. 
  • TripAdvisor reviews:- TripAdvisor is a great review website when it comes to providing comfortable and reliable staycations and hotels to travelers around the globe. Tourists and travelers trust TripAdvisor reviews as a credible source when they plan their trips as it provides authentic information about hotels, tourism, and restaurants.ย 
  • Amazon reviews:- Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform around the globe which also works as a review platform. Amazon sells a plethora of items from fashion to electronics and from books to home decor. In the Q&A section of Amazon, potential customers can ask questions about particular products or items where buyers and sellers provide satisfactory feedback. This feature makes Amazon reviews stand out among others.ย 
  • Etsy reviews:- Etsy is another amazing platform that allows customers to write reviews about any particular product and even share their experiences with a certain brand. You can use it as your source to get reviews.
  • AliExpress reviews:- AliExpress is also one of the largest e-commerce platforms that provides everything for a buyer. With an outstanding 150 million buyers, AliExpress spreads around 220 countries globally making it the second biggest online platform. AliExpress reviews provide information about items or products a customer wants to buy from the platform and provide an amazing opportunity for sellers and buyers.

How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

Collect, moderate, and embed reviews on squarespace website

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Step By Step Guide – How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website?

Now that you know about reviews and their types, in this section, we are going to tell you about steps to be taken for embedding reviews to your Squarespace website using Tagembed – a leading social media aggregator tool that enables its users to collect, curate, and embed social media feeds from various social media platforms including the top review platforms mentioned above. 

Step 1 – Create A Review Widget 

#1. Start by Signing up for a Free Tagembed account or Login into your Tagembed account  


#2. After logging in, you will reach the dashboard and choose from โ€œSocial Widgetโ€ or โ€œReview Widget.โ€ (Within your account dashboard, you will find your first widget already created).

review widget

#3. Next, you need to click on โ€œAdd feedโ€ and choose your preferred review platform like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Etsy, Yelp, etc.

add feed

In the next option, you need to fill in your credentials to aggregate the content.ย Once done, you will be able to see all the aggregated content on the widget editor.ย 

Step 2 – Embed Customer Reviews Widget On Squarespaceย Website

Once you are done with customizing the widget how you want, you will be set to embed the widget on your website.

#1. Click on the Embed widget option in the bottom left corner of the widget editor. 

Embed widget

#2. A pop-up window will appear showcasing different website-building platforms. You need to select Squarespace

select platform

#3. Additionally, you will be given the option to adjust the width and height of the widget as per your preference. Click on the copy code option and paste the embed code on the clipboard. 

reviews to squarespace

#4. Log into your Squarespace website and click on theย Editย button to embedย reviews.ย 


#5. Click on the โ€œ+โ€ Button.


#6. Click on the </> code available on the right side of the screen. 


#7. Paste the copied embed code. 

Embed Code

#8. Click on the Done option in the top right corner. 

Kudos! You will have successfully embedded customer reviews on the Squarespace website.ย 

How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

Collect, moderate, and embed customer reviews on squarespace website

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Why Choose Tagembed Review Aggregator Platform?

Tagembed Review aggregator

Tagembed is a comprehensive review aggregator platform that offers amazing features to its users to increase the effectiveness of the review widget!ย 

It enables you to make your review widget more charming and functional. It provides you the freedom to customize your card as per your need, here you can change the font size, style, widget color, and more. In addition, you can even change the layout style, like you have a review carousel, which helps readers to read reviews with ease, and you have more options that you can explore.

Moreover, you also have the option to moderate the reviews and hide reviews that you think are inappropriate. Custom CSS, responsive widgets, and custom CTA are some of the other notable features out of many.

The best part about Tagembed is the advanced analytics feature. Users can leverage insightful analytics to track the performance of the reviews widget. Users can get details into crucial numbers like overall engagement, likes, clicks, etc. 

Overall, Tagembed is an extremely responsive platform with an extremely user-friendly interface. If the users come across any technical issues while using the platform, they can get assistance from the back support team anytime they want. 

How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

Collect, moderate, and embed customer reviews on squarespace website

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Key Benefits Of Embedding Customer Reviews On Squarespace Website:ย 

By now you must be wondering about the advantages of embedding customer reviews on the Squarespace website. You will be getting the answer in this section:ย 

1. Reviews help in building trust 

Customer reviews fall under the category of User-Generated Content i.e. the content created by the consumers for the brand. This content is extremely trustworthy, genuine, and authentic as it is created as per the will of the brand consumers and is based on their personal experiences. 

Furthermore, embedding reviews using the Squarespace widget helps brands in building trust in potential customers. Here is a fun fact to prove the credibility of this line – More than 85% of potential customers leverage the reviews of existing customers before making a purchase! 

2. Amp up the look of your website 

Even though content plays a major role in making your website visitors stay for a longer duration, brands need to concentrate on the design part of the website as well. A website that looks boring can be off-putting for visitors.ย 

Displaying a well-customized review widget on your website can work tremendously in garnering more attention from website visitors leading to an increase in their dwell time and a reduced bounce rate. 

3. Boost engagement of the visitors  

The overall engagement of the visitors on the website plays an important role in deciding how likely they are to get converted into your existing customers. 

Since reviews are quite engaging to read, they can keep your audience hooked for longer.ย Moreover, the visitors would feel the need to explore your website more since they would be compelled to read more experiences of your existing customers.ย 

4. Holds visitors on the website

Consumers often visit various online review platforms to make sure they are purchasing the right product. After all, it is their hard-earned money, and therefore they visit customer review platforms to learn more about the brand/product.

The review widget on the website has the potential to hold your visitors on a website. As they will be spending more time on your website, it reduces your bounce rate, and at the same time also helps in developing interest in your brand.

5. Develop a review cycle

More the reviews, the better it is for the brand. And to have more reviews it is important to strategy that helps in getting more reviews. The review widget on the website helps you with the cause.

When customers read reviews from other customers on your website, it encourages them to write reviews and enjoy the limelight on your website. And this can help you in getting more reviews, eventually helping you showcase more reviews and build trust.

Key Takeaways 

More than 79% of shoppers say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations! Which helps us to understand the impact of reviews on the buying decisions of customers. By following the steps mentioned above you can easily add reviews to Squarespace website and get an edge over your competitors.

This brings us to the end of this post and you are completely aware of everything about reviews, right from their types, best aggregation platforms, their embedding steps, and the benefits you can enjoy by adding customer reviews to your Squarespace website.

All you need to do is utilize Tagembed for the embed process and you will be set to present the valuable content of your customers on your website. Get going, create a free Tagembed account and you will be good to go! 

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