Comparing Top Twitter Aggregators: Tagembed vs. Smashballoon

Staying updated with the latest news, trends, posts, and conversations is crucial for marketers and business owners in this social media-driven, fast-paced realm.

For real-time updates and the latest trends, Twitter is the leading platform that demands effective Twitter aggregators. The Twitter aggregator curates and presents the most relevant tweets, trends, and topics tailored to the websites. 

Two platforms that stand tall in the Twitter aggregator game are Tagembed and Smashballoon. 

Many WordPress users consider the Tagembed Twitter feed WordPress plugin the best compared to any other Twitter WordPress plugin. Smashballoon is also the first choice for WordPress plugins for many users. 

The choice between these two can’t be a one-size-fits-all; it has to be a tailored strategy. 

Let’s look at which WordPress plugin for your Twitter feed is best for your business. 

What Is A Twitter Feed Plugin?

A Twitter feed plugin or a Twitter aggregator helps you display tweets and Twitter content from different profiles around specific hashtags, topics, or keywords on your WordPress website. 

With just a few clicks, you can create, customize, and display your Twitter feeds on your website using a Twitter feed plugin. There are several advantages of using a Twitter aggregator, such as: 

  • Real-time updates
  • Enhanced social media campaign performance 
  • Effective content curation 

Tagembed and Smash Balloon are both Twitter feed plugins you can use for your WordPress website. Both plugins let you embed Twitter feeds on your website in simple steps. 

Overview: Tagembed vs. Smash Balloon

Let’s give you a quick rundown of both of the options here before we compare the specific features of each Twitter feed plugin. 

1. Tagembed 

Tagembed Twitter feed plugin for WordPress is one of the best tools that allows users to aggregate, curate, and embed Twitter feeds on the website. This plugin has no complex structure, and it is easy to use. By using a wide variety of customization options offered by Tagembed, users can enhance the overall presence and efficiency of the website. 

For filtering and moderating the content before embedding it live on the website, the Twitter feed WordPress plugin also provides content moderation. This is why brands leverage the Tagembed Twitter feed WordPress Plugin for collecting and embedding content from Twitter on the website. 

2. Smash Balloon 

Smash Balloon enables users to showcase a fully responsive, customizable, and search engine-supportive Twitter feed on their website with its Twitter feed WordPress plugin. Users can display any user’s tweets and timelines with the custom Twitter feeds plugin that completely matches the visual appeal of your website and provides many customization options. 

The Twitter feeds plugin of Smash Balloon is completely responsive and mobile-optimized and makes your Twitter feed look amazing on any type of screen. Once a week, users can automatically refresh your Twitter feed so that you can display updated Twitter content on your website. 

Features: Tagembed vs. Smash Balloon 

When selecting the perfect Twitter feed WordPress plugin to present your Twitter content on the website, Tagembed is a wise choice. Let’s have a look at the features of Tagembed and Smash Balloon. 

Features Tagembed Smash Balloon 
Ease of Use Easy (Two-step setup)Easy (Three-step setup)
Customization Completely customizableCompletely customizable
SEO FriendlyYesYes
Real-time UpdatesYesYes
Dedicated SupportYesYes
PricingPremium features are available on a free trial (paid plans starting from $19 per month)Limited features are available on a free trial (paid plans starting from $49 per year)
Best ForIndividuals and businesses who need simple and affordable Twitter feed plugins. Individuals and businesses who need more premium features. 

1. Tagembed 

Tagembed has many great features, so you can easily add Twitter feeds to your WordPress website. Let’s have a look!

A. Quick Feed Creation- In just two quick steps, users can create a Twitter feed with our quick Twitter setup guide to help you. It will help the users even if they don’t have much WordPress knowledge. 

B. Customization- With the customization features of the Tagembed Twitter feed WordPress plugin, modify your Twitter widget on the website. These features include card styles, layout, color, themes, CTA, background, banner, and more. To embed on any website, design and compose different Twitter feed widgets. 

C. SEO Friendly- Directly embedding quality keyword-rich Twitter content on your website will improve your website’s SEO. 

D. Real-Time Updates- When new content or post is uploaded on Twitter, the Twitter widget on the website gets updated automatically. This feature of the Tagembed tool on the website automatically curates and displays fresh content. 

E. Dedicated Customer Support- When using the WordPress plugin, if a user comes across a technical glitch, then the customer support team of Tagembed is always ready to back them up on the right track. 

F. Custom CSS- With the help of custom CSS features provided by Tagembed, the user ideas of more customized, creative, and engaging Twitter widgets will exist. 

2. Smash Balloon 

While keeping things simple, Smash Balloon provides users with outstanding features. Let’s explore!

A. Feed Creation- Users can create a Twitter feed in three easy steps with the Smash Balloon Twitter feed WordPress plugin. 

B. Customization- The Smash Balloon Twitter feed is completely customizable. Your user timeline feed will inherit your theme’s styles. Users can select from several professional themes to create engaging and interesting Twitter feeds. 

C. SEO Friendly- Adding SEO value to your website, Twitter feed content is easily crawlable by the Google search engine. 

D. Real-Time Updates- You can automatically refresh your Twitter feed once a week by using your Site key and a verified email address. At zero cost, this will display the latest Twitter content on your website. For your Twitter feeds, you can use the ready-made templates of the Smash Balloon aggregator. 

E. Customer Support- The dedicated support team is always available whenever a user needs help. There are other supportive sources also offered to support users. 

F. Custom CSS- For deeper customization of your Tweets, enter your own custom CSS or JavaScript. 

Pricing: Tagembed vs Smash Balloon

After comparing the features of both Twitter aggregators, you must choose the best option that perfectly falls under your budget. Check out the pricing plans between the Tagembed and Smash Balloon aggregators. 

1. Tagembed 

According to the features, Tagembed has divided the prices into different package groups. 

a). Lite Plan- Enabling a user to start with basic features and limited usage, Tagembed provides a free plan. This plan is ideal for getting started for any individual or startup. Any individual or startup can explore the features of Tagembed and determine if they cater to their needs. 

b) Basic Plan- Tagembed’s basic plan starts at $19 monthly, perfect for growing startups. Advanced moderation, banner, Profanity filter, custom branding, and advanced analytics are some of the features included in the plan. It will provide two feeds and updates every 2 hours. Businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement and online presence can use this basic plan. 

c). Pro Plan- The Pro plan of the Tagembed is priced at $29 per month. This plan unlocks additional advanced features like real-time updates, customer support, four feeds, custom CSS, and advanced customization options. The Pro plan provides a comprehensive set of features to help businesses maximize the impact of their Twitter integration efforts. 

d). Plus Plan- Priced at $59 per month, the Plus plan is perfectly curated for large businesses and agencies. With API access, this plan includes team collaboration, advanced analytics, and a dedicated account manager. The Plus plan offers the necessary support and tools for businesses wanting to scale their Twitter presence effectively. 

e). Tagembed Suite- The Tagembed Suite, priced at $119 per month, provides curated features, dedicated support, and scalability. The Tagembed suite is a bundle plan that provides three different widgets: a social media widget, a review widget, and a story & album widget. Users can also use the latest review hub feature of the Tagembed suite. 

2. Smash Balloon 

Here are the four different pricing plans for the Smash Balloon plugin: 

a). Personal- The personal plan is tailored for businesses and priced at $49 yearly, which is the best option for individuals. The personal plan provides 12 updates per day for 1 website. This plan provides pro features like unlimited feeds, visual Twitter link cards, Autoscroll loading, moderate tweets, feed customizer, etc. 

b). Business- Priced at $99 per year, the Business plan incorporates five websites and 12 updates per day per website. There are various Pro features included in this plan, and it is ideal for startups and small businesses. A downtime prevention system, GDPR compliance, Popup lightbox, unlimited pro feeds, etc., are some pro features included in this plan. 

c). Developer- The developer plan is tailored for large businesses and is priced at $149 annually. This plan offers 12 updates a day per website for 25 websites. It also provides priority support for your Twitter feed. 

d). All Access Bundle- The All Access Bundle is priced at $299 annually. This plan provides 12 updates per day on unlimited websites. This plan offers some pro features, such as unlimited access to Pro plugins, all future products, and priority support. 

Wrapping Up 

Catering to different user preferences and needs, both Tagembed and Smash Balloon have carved out their niches in the domain of Twitter aggregators. With its visually appealing and customizable approach, Tagembed stands out as the frontrunner. Tagembed is the perfect choice for marketers and businesses that aim to create a unique and engaging digital experience. For WordPress users particularly, Smash Balloon offers more integration and moderation features. 

To boost and showcase Twitter content in today’s digital landscape, both Twitter aggregators offer valuable insights. However, Tagembed’s pricing plans cater to all sizes of businesses, ensuring its affordability. Consider Tagembed, a Twitter aggregator for your website, to drive brand success.

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