Top 6 YouTube Video Aggregator Tools in 2024

Around the globe, YouTube is the largest video streaming platform with more than 2.5 billion active monthly users. Video platforms may rise and fall but YouTube is unarguably the powerhouse of content. To navigate through this sea of content, businesses find it difficult and this is where YouTube video aggregator comes into the game. 

Collecting, curating, and embedding YouTube video and shorts via a YouTube video content aggregator leads to increasing users more time on the website. When you aggregate and add a YouTube feed then it might enhance the visibility of your brand and also an effective SEO practice. 

The video aggregator is the best way if you are looking to expand the reach of your business. In this blog, we will explore the best YouTube aggregator tools, their benefits, and their key features. Let’s get started! 

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What Do You Understand By A YouTube Video Aggregator?

YouTube video content aggregator is a tool or a functional block that gathers all the YouTube content and embeds it on their website. Users can collect and display particular YouTube videos from a specific channel or playlist with the help of a YouTube widget

Businesses can use YouTube aggregators to collect content related to a specific brand or niche. YouTube aggregators also help brands and businesses to embed YouTube shorts, videos, playlists, channels, etc. on their websites. 

There are two main reasons to embed YouTube videos on your brand website. Promoting the YouTube video created by the brand is the first reason. Curating the content from other creators on your channel to increase engagement is the second reason. 

Types Of YouTube Video Aggregator Feeds 

Over the years, YouTube has evolved and formed a lot of video content formats. Here are some: 

a). YouTube Channel- This will enable users to display all their videos on the YouTube channel. To remove unwanted YouTube content from the widget, you can use the moderation panel. 

b). YouTube Shorts- These days, short format content is paramount and one such format is YouTube Shorts. Marketers can easily utilize this content format for their brand and embed it on their website with the help of a video aggregator. 

c). YouTube Playlist- You can easily use a YouTube playlist if you are a brand collaborator or an influencer to display videos that address similar topics. 

Top 6 YouTube Video Content Aggregator Tools In 2024 

Check out the below list of top YouTube aggregator tools in 2024 that brands can leverage to aggregate and embed YouTube videos and promote them on your website. 

1. Tagembed 


One of the best social media aggregator tools, Tagembed enables its users to collect and curate content from various sources which also includes YouTube. You can add a call to action, create custom feeds, and track the performance of your videos with the Tagembed. Tagembed provides two different methods of YouTube aggregation to its users. 

It provides free plans as well as paid plans with different customization features so its users can enjoy several customization options. Tagembed as a best YouTube video aggregator tool that enables users to create particular videos based on channels, shorts, or playlists that allow for tailored content. With detailed metrics like demographics, engagement, and click-through rates, analyze the performance of your aggregated videos. 

2. is a platform that permits you to gather and curate videos from several sources which include YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. You can embed these YouTube videos on your blog or website or create a branded video channel. This tool enables you to handpick specific videos alongside an automated collection based on hashtags, playlists, or channels as it caters to both curation and aggregation.

3. Onstipe


Another YouTube video aggregator tool on our list is Onstipe which is capable of collecting and curating content from different platforms including YouTube. Compared to other dedicated tools, it doesn’t offer too many features, particularly for YouTube aggregation. Onstipe filters videos based on hashtags, channels, playlists, and URLs. With varying layout options, embed YouTube videos or an entire channel feed on your website. 

4. Tagbox (Previously Taggbox)


Tagbox stands out as a versatile YouTube video content aggregator tool that goes beyond simply collecting and showing YouTube videos. It provides a unique blend of curation, customization, and user-generated content (UGC) capabilities which makes it a strong option for businesses. Tagbox enables you to gather YouTube videos through different methods like shorts, location, keywords, channels, playlists, and specific channel URLs. 

With different layouts, themes, and branding elements, personalize the appearance of your video feeds to match your website or marketing campaign.

5. SociableKIT 

sociable kit

SociableKIT primarily focuses on aggregating content from various social media platforms, it does offer useful functionalities for managing and displaying YouTube videos on your website. To match your website or branding campaign, with different layouts, themes, and branding elements, personalize the appearance of your video feeds. Before they appear in your feed, moderate and approve specific videos ensuring quality control. 

6. Smash Balloon 

Smash Ballon

Smash Balloon stands out as a powerful and user-friendly YouTube video aggregator tool specially designed for WordPress websites. For displaying, curating, and customizing YouTube videos it offers a robust set of features that makes it a favorite among WordPress users. 

Smash Balloon offers deeper features compared to multi-platform aggregators which focus solely on aggregating and managing YouTube content. Users can embed single YouTube videos, channels, live streams, and playlists.

Key Features Of A YouTube Video Content Aggregator 

When choosing a YouTube video aggregator, the following are the key features that you must keep in mind. 

1. Reach

A business must ensure that the YouTube video they want to upload must reach a larger audience pool. When choosing a YouTube video aggregator, the number of daily average active users should be considered. 

2. Quality 

When uploaded on the platform, the video you are uploading should not be hampered. The YouTube aggregator performance will matter in a brand that shows every small detail of a product or service. 

3. Ownership 

When you select a platform, you should make sure that no one else can upload similar content for their monetization. They must ask for your consent if anyone wants to use your content. 

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Benefits Of Using YouTube Video Aggregators 

A YouTube video content aggregator plays a pivotal role for brands that seek to optimize their presence on the platform. Take a look at the benefits of YouTube aggregators for your business. 

1. Amplifies The Engagement 

To any type of marketing campaign, videos bring more engagement, and it’s not a secret anymore. A seamless process of YouTube aggregation will make sure that your audience doesn’t miss out on interesting and engaging content. 

On your website, by consistently providing valuable YouTube content, you can engage more audiences. They’re more likely to interact with your brand and look forward to the content updates on your website. 

2. Provides User-Generated Content 

For establishing trust and credibility, user-generated content is a valuable asset in business. For sourcing user-generated content, YouTube tops among all social media platforms. On this platform, real people endorsing products or services provide powerful testimonials. When you include user-generated content from YouTube into your website, it creates a compelling narrative of your brand. 

To enhance brand credibility and develop a sense of credibility, creating a playlist of customer-generated content is the key. From YouTube, leveraging user-generated content builds community, strengthens brand credibility, and forges the connection between the brand and the audience. 

3. Boosts Visitor Retention 

According to research, most of your website visitors stay on your website for 15 seconds only. So, the biggest challenge is how to boost visitor retention. You only have 15 seconds to catch the eyesight of your visitors and hold them on the website for a longer duration. 

You experience a high surge of volume in time spent on your website by the visitors when you display YouTube videos on your website. With your brand, the increased engagement creates a more profound connection. 

Over To You! 

For brands and businesses, the concept of YouTube aggregation is a strategic move to boost their online presence. Steering through the world of YouTube video aggregator tools can seem overwhelming but understanding your specific needs is crucial to making the right choice. While selecting the YouTube video content aggregator tool, consider some of the key functionalities like advanced curation, embedding, multi-platform aggregation, or dedicated YouTube features. You can effectively curate and showcase engaging video that adds value to your website with the right YouTube aggregator. 

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