What is Instagram Notes Feature? – New Feature Explained

Surprise surprise! Instagram has come up with yet another exciting and intriguing feature on its networking platform. We’re not taken aback by the pace at Instagram, which has been introducing new features ranging from Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, and now Instagram Notes. Introduced on the 13th of December 2022, this feature is one of the recent unique and sensational topics on the internet spectrum. 

Are you wondering what is Instagram Notes about this feature, its functionality, or if it benefits marketers and businesses? Hop on and gear up for this amusing journey. We take are eager to take you on uncovering and discovering some amazing aspects and nuances of Notes: the newest feature by Instagram.

What Are The Instagram Notes Buzz About?

To put it in simple words, the feature of notes is more like that of post-it notes. You are going to find notes on the top of your messages slider. Crowing your message notifications notes predominantly acts as stories for your inbox. Similar to the features of Instagram stories, notes can be displayed for 24 hours. 

However, notes can be updated and altered even after being uploaded. You also have the option to delete the note if you think your β€˜note’ doesn’t fulfill your need. The platform allows you to add up to 60 characters in one note, and unlike the stories, you can add only one note at a time. Instagram notes are here to take you back in time when there were the days of AIM and MSN messaging. 

Just like Instagram stories, Instagram enables you to display notes only to the users you follow back or to your chosen close friends. Instagram notes also have a reply feature, which makes communication more convenient and personal. Moreover, Instagram notes are apt for sharing time-saving information with your followers and friends. Lets now understand how notes can benefit marketers and businesses, and they are worth all that hype in a snippet;  

Is It Really Worth The Hype? 

To develop a better sense of understanding and to clear up the smoke cloud of whether notes offered by Instagram are worthy of the attention on the internet and its vitality for businesses and marketers. We have jotted down and highlighted some of the most astonishing and startling benefits of using Instagram notes.

#1 Better audience interaction:

Using the Instagram note feature for your advertising sprees effectively bridges the gap between brands and customers. It would lead to better audience interaction as the audiences can view, react and reply more conveniently than ever before. Better audience interaction with your brand will establish a bond with your audience, which would be more personalized and impactful.

Alternatively, you can also embed Instagram Feed on website to promote your Instagram profile among your website visitors and gain more followers.

#2 Gets imperative feedback:

Marketers can’t deny the importance of customer feedback and reviews. These reviews help the brands to reflect upon themselves and improve their existing product or service. While some may point out that reviews and customer feedback can be collected from the already existing comments section of the platform. But with the help of the notes features, consumers feel it is more approachable to the brands, and hence are more likely to provide feedback for the business.

However, gathering imperative customer feedback via the reply features of notes makes a huge difference. It is because feedback would have fewer hateful comments and be rather direct in its approach, and any external agenda would not drive it to defame and tarnish the brand image. 

#3 Conversion catalyst:

Notes, though, have only a few characters, but by using and targeting specific words or hashtags, you can intrigue the viewers’ interests. These notes are some of the best conversation starters or catalysts. Once you start communicating with your audiences, this passage leads to more potential customers.

Conclusively, is Instagram Notes worth all the hype or not? We can say that though notes are the newest addition to the list of features offered by Instagram, however, Instagram stories can also be used for effective marketing tactics, as stories can include pictures, videos, and more visual content that is more appealing to the Instagram audience.

And undeniably, stories have a better reach than notes because stories can be viewed without even following an account (public account only). However, the user needs to follow her Instagram account to view the published notes. But having said that, we blatantly can’t deny the potential of Instagram notes, which marketers can efficiently utilize.

You would have already understood the potential of Instagram notes. Below-mentioned is your facile Pixie dust step-by-step guide for creating and sharing Instagram Notes.

How To Create Instagram Notes?

Create Instagram Notes

To help you swiftly create notes on Instagram, here’s an easy step-by-step guide to follow and commence with your Notes-able advertising spree! 

Steps to create Instagram Notes

  1. Open the Instagram application and go to the messages section. There, you’ll see the profile image pop-up of all your connections who have shared notes.
  2. On the same screen, you’ll see your profile image with the plus icon on it. Just tap on your profile image and an input box will appear where you can share your thoughts of up to 60 characters. You can type in your desired message only up to 60 characters. These characters include emoticons and spaces as well. (You can add emoticons while writing your text message to enhance the note and make it unique and eye-catching! )
  3. Write your Note and choose the people you want to share the note with. There are two settings available:
    • Followers You Follow Back
    • Close Friends
  4. Lastly, tap on the share button to share your note. As per your privacy settings, Instagram users will be able to view the Instagram Notes.

Eventually, your friends and audience will be able to reply and react to the notes you have shared which you will receive in messages.

Thus, you can now successfully create and share notes on Instagram with your friends and followers. Certainly, below is a quick tip for your business so that you can use the notes feature for better communication.

Quick Tip For Businesses

Though we have mentioned some of the key benefits and advantages of notes for brand marketers, here’s a quick tip for all social media marketing analyzers and business enthusiasts regarding the usage and vitality of Instagram notes. Marketers looking for Instagram marketing can strategically use notes to promote and advertise special offers and deals on services for a specific period or, as we call it, β€œoffer for a limited time only.’’

Notes help notify and inform customers of such schemes, strengthening the customer-product relationship and bond. Notes often referred to as a soapbox, are a great and impactful advertising tool.

In A Nutshell

Time and again, Meta earlier known as Facebook the parent company of Instagram is introducing new and mind-blowing features at dizzying rates. Marketers and brand enthusiasts have to update and be at par with the current and changing trends of the social media platform. It is a fruitful strategy to build a better, more effective, and stronger advertising passage.

We have got our readers covered with an easy and ultimate all-to-know-about guide to the newest Notes features introduced by Instagram. 

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