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Be it a business, NGO, or a brand, all the industries know the power of ‘User-Reviews’ as they are a form of user-generated content that is created by the unpaid users willingly. This is the reason why new customers look for reviews on any business website first & then make purchase decisions.

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. & Reviews Platforms like Yelp Reviews, Airbnb Reviews, and more are great sources of user reviews.

Speaking of their benefits, there are many including boost engagement, build trust & loyalty, increase sales & revenue. 

Therefore, over the years, marketers have started leveraging user-reviews as a strong marketing asset in as many ways as possible. 

In this blog, we will mainly focus on embedding Facebook reviews on the website and their benefits. And to embed these reviews you can take help from Facebook Review Widget of free social media aggregator tools like Tagembed, which we will discuss below.

So let’s delve in!

How To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website

Popular as one of the best tools to embed Facebook reviews on the website- Tagembed is the best free social media aggregator. Mention below is the easy steps that you have to follow in order to embed Facebook Reviews on the website.  

There are two parts that are linked with the embedding process:

  • How to Create Facebook Reviews Widget
  • How to Embed/Add Facebook Reviews on Website

STEP-1: How To Create Facebook Reviews Widget

1. Create a new Tagembed account or if you already have an account, then Log in to it. 

tagembed login

2. Click on the ‘Add Social Feeds’ option on the dashboard to collect the feeds on your widget.

add facebook reviews on website

3. A pop-up will appear showcasing various social media platforms. But you have to select “Facebook” as your source of feeds.

fakebook reviews on website

4. Again, a new pop-up will appear from which you have to choose Page Reviews. 

embed facebook reviews on website

5. Now click on the “Create Feed” option. Here provide all the required information to fetch reviews from your Facebook Page. 

6. Tagembed will therefore collect facebook reviews & curate them into a single feed automatically.

After this, you will be redirected to the widget editor with the following robust features:

  • Advanced Moderation & Filtering- You have the power to eliminate or filter out all the unwanted & irrelevant content from your Facebook reviews to make the feeds look fresh.
  • Classic Customization- Apply designing & personalization elements like themes, banners, backgrounds, font size & colors, and more to change the look & feel of your Facebook review feed.
  • Insightful Analytics- Gain audience insights in terms of total impressions, clicks, users, sentiment analysis, and many more details. 
  • More- Not just the aforementioned features, but Tagembed has plenty more features to offer including Hashtag Highlighter, Ticker, Custom CSS & more.

STEP- 2 How To Embed Facebook Reviews on Website

7. You will be redirected to the widget editor as soon as you have collected the reviews from Facebook into the feed.

8. At the bottom left corner of the widget editor, click on the “Embed Widget” button.

facebook reviews on website

9. Now choose your website platform from the pop-up such as HTML, WordPress, Wix, and more. You can choose any as per your business requirements.

add facebook reviews on website

10. A pop-up will appear. Here you can adjust the height & width of your FB reviews.

11. Lastly, click on the “Get Code” option and copy it on the clipboard.

Embed Facebook Reviews Widget

Collect, moderate, and embed Facebook reviews on website

Benefits of Embedding Facebook Reviews on Website

Here’s a list of all the key benefits of embedding Facebook reviews on your website

#1 Boost Trust & Loyalty

Reviews are at building your company’s online identity as they are extremely trustworthy, reliable & authentic. When you provide this type of content to your website, it shows that your brand is customer-centric.

As the true voices of the customers, embedded Facebook reviews on the website build customer trust & build credibility for your brand.

#2 Improves Brand-Customer Communication

When customers see user-generated reviews on your website, they feel positive about your brand. You can know about the strong & weak points of your business

Be it good reviews or bad, try to focus on the lesson you can learn from their outcome.

Being the non-biased form of content, reviews can provide you with valuable insight into your products or services. 

For instance, if you experience more negative reviews on Facebook, then instead of getting sad, you can try and understand why it happened. Also, you grab this opportunity to turn the negative reviews into positives and make the most out of them.

#3 Free Brand Promotion

How about advertising your business via Facebook reviews? Yes, you can do this easily by embedding Facebook reviews on your website as it exposes your products to the users. 

Unlike traditional marketing channels, this kind of modern way of advertising & promotion, your brand gets the maximum number of audience exposure & also experiences increased brand awareness.

#4 Increase Business Sales with Facebook Reviews

As per the stats, around 88% of people trust online reviews as compared to branded reviews. So, it’s important to have reviews showcasing a positive picture of your brand.

Good reviews not only help in generating leads but also boost the sales of your business. 

So make sure your customers feel encouraged to leave positive Facebook reviews about your business, which you can then embed on your website.

#5 Improved Rankings

Another reason why we asked you to get more positive reviews on your website because they contribute to your search engine ranking. 

The more positive reviews & ratings your website will receive about your brand, the more important search engines deem your business to be. 

To prove our point, we gone through quite a few pieces of research & statistics and hence we have found that reviews represent around 9.8% of all ranking factors.

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In a nutshell, Facebook Reviews when embedded on your website give your customers a sense of social proof of your brand or business. But you can also take advantage of other marketing channels to use these reviews and other reviews to spread your business message. 

So quickly and clearly improve your marketing efforts by embedding Facebook reviews on your website.

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