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Standout Features To Empower Your Webflow Website’s Performance

Tagembed’s social media widget comes with amazing features helping you make the most out of your social content.


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Filter out content that’s not relevant to showcase only the top-performing posts selectively or automatically using the profanity filter.

arrow arrow Screen Compatible:

The widgets are designed to be any screen compatible, helping you deliver a quick and seamless user experience with a reduced bounce rate.

arrow arrow Real-time Auto Updates:

Fetch real-time updated content automatically from your preferred social network and enhance visitors’ engagement.

arrow arrow Creative Customizations:

Make your social feeds more engaging and compelling with our premium and high-end themes. Customize the feed layout, fonts, colours, or leverage custom CSS to design your feed as you like.

arrow arrow Detailed Analytics:

Get useful insights about the performance of your Webflow social media widget, tweak content as required to derive optimum results.

arrow arrow No Coding Required:

You need not be a tech-geek to embed Social Media widget on Webflow, just follow a simple four-step process.

arrow arrow Add CTA:

Enhance sales by adding a CTA button to social media widgets with descriptions, and respective prices.

arrow arrow Diverse Integration Options:

Add content from more than 20 social media platforms on your website with Tagembed’s smart social media widget for Webflow.

A Four-Step Simple Process To Get Started

Follow these simple steps to embed a social media feed widget plugin on the Webflow app.

  1. Choose your preferred social media network & create a feed using any connection type (hashtag, handle, mention, tag, and more).
  2. Moderate and customize your social media feed widget leveraging diverse customization options to make your feed look as you’d prefer.
  3. Next, to generate the embed code for the Webflow website, choose ‘Webflow’ as your preferred platform and copy the code.
  4. Lastly, log in to your Webflow website > Add Element > Embed > Paste the generated embed code where you would like to feature social content. You're all set!
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Integrate Content That Attracts, Performs & Converts On Your Webflow Website

Social media widget to seamlessly boost your brand visibility, engagement and conversions.


Increase Time Spent On-Site

An inspirational social media widget embedded on Webflow website keeps your site visitors engaged longer. A live-updating feed powered by Tagembed makes sure that the content feed on your Webflow site is always fresh.


Showcase Social Proof

Users are your best advocates! Showcase visuals, reviews and ratings shared by your consumers on the Webflow website to build trust with powerful social proof.


Amplify Conversions

While making a purchase decision, consumers love to view authentic content shared by others and learn from their experiences. By featuring social content using a social media widget for Webflow, you can effectively capitalize on users’ inspiration and grow sales.


Better Brand Reach

Maximise the visibility of your social media widgets to increase reach and brand awareness. By adding a social media feed from your branded channels to a Webflow site, you can increase the number of people that come across your business


Enhance Your Website's Appearance

Creatively customised and brand-aligned social media widgets can potentially turn dull websites into interactive ones and take users’ experiences to the next level.


Garner More Traffic

Social media widgets increase word-of-mouth marketing opportunities for your website by imprinting unique impressions and bringing more traffic to your website.

What Our Customers Say

Solutions that have empowered a lot of brands globally

Tagembed’s social media widget for Webflow is exceptionally result-driven. We used it to fetch feeds from Instagram to enable users' interactions. It provided for it in the most natural way.

Aizen Vladimir Professor
star star star star star

We’ve been using Tagembed for quite some time now, and we’ve had an amazing experience so far! The best part is their analytics, it helps us improve and build greater brand-user relationships.

Adrian Martinez Digital Officer
star star star star star

Social media widget and Webflow are the two best investments that we could make. The moderation and customisations offered are the deal-maker for our website visitors and that’s exactly what we looked out for in a social media aggregator!

Laurel Richards Marketing Manager
star star star star star

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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