How To Embed Flickr Album On Website?


Flickr is one of the most popular social media platforms that is constantly growing at a fast pace. It is providing exceptional benefits to online businesses to grow & reach potential audiences with powerful visual content. 

Although Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest are comparatively ahead, it does not make Flickr a less prominent social network platform that businesses can afford to neglect. 

With Flickr, you can harness many business opportunities. For example, you can tell your customers about the behind-the-scenes, creative product clips, exciting & engaging content, user-generated content images from other social media channels, and many more that you want to tell your customers about your business.  

If you are already creating content on Flickr and own a website then Flickr Widget can bridge the gap between your content and strategies.  

Learn how you can embed these unique Flickr posts on your website to empower your online marketing game plan and boost awareness of your business. 

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But let’s first understand what benefits you can retrieve with embedding Flickr pictures on your website. 

Why Should You Embed Flickr Album On Your Website?

Embed Flickr Album

You might be wondering why you would even go for Flickr when more giant platforms like Instagram & Pinterest are on the board. Flickr is an underrated platform having massive potential for businesses to grow and reach their businesses. 

Millions of people share photographs, images, & other creative content on Flickr daily, making it an inspirational, informative, and reliable source of creative content.

Embedding these creative images of Flickr on your website enhances the content quality and appearance, building impressive and unforgettable images of your website.

As with most of your websites, visitors do not know about your Flickr presence. Hence they have never interacted with innovative content you have posted on your Flickr account or group. 

By placing Flickr posts on the website, you can create two-way communication between your visitors and Flickr, enlightening them with the social presence of your business. 

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It leads to increased visitors engagement on your website, lower bounce rate, builds authority, and improves SEO rankings that leave behind your competitors. 

How To Embed Flickr On Website?

As of now, you might have a good idea about the benefits of embedding Flickr posts on your website. But how you display or embed Flickr album on the website is not so popular, so there are few options for embedding Flickr slideshow on your website. 

Embed Flickr On Website

There are two ways you can embed Flickr album on your website: 

1. Social media aggregator: Tagembed

2. Flickr Embed Option

1. Tagembed Flickr Widget – Best Tool To Uplift Your Website

Tagembed is a popular and trustworthy social media aggregation tool that many websites use to integrate social media feeds into their websites. Tagembed provides Flickr Widget to collect, curate, and display Flickr photos with powerful customization and design to enhance their website. 

Tagembed Flickr Widget

Tagembed Flickr Widget allows you to collect Flickr photos not only from your account but also from others’ handles. It means you have a broader scope of integrating more astonishing photos into your website. 

You will also be able to perform advanced customization by personalizing your Flickr photos with themes, banners, layout style, background display, colors, fonts, etc. 

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Additionally, you will also get access to the features like moderation and intelligent analytics to display qualified Flickr feeds that understand user engagement.

Here below are steps that you can follow to embed Flickr album on your website:

1. Start with creating your account for free on Tagembed (No Credit Card Required). A new widget will be created for default. Click on the Open button to start adding Flickr feeds in the widget.

Tagembed Dashboard OPen

2. From the pop-up screen, where you will find multiple social source options, select β€œFlickr” to collect Flickr Feeds. 

Embed Flickr Slideshow on website

3. You will see two aggregating methods, #hashtag & @handle, choose any to collect the Flickr feeds accordingly. 

Embed Flickr Slideshow on website

4. Now, click on the Create Feed button, you will find multiple Flickr photos on the next screen. Here is when you start to apply your creative and innovative approach to your Flickr feeds. 

5. Click on the Personalization & Layout tab to customize aggregated Flickr feeds. You will find customization options like multiple themes, banners, background, Card Style, and Theme Settings. These features allow you to expand your creativeness and design of your Flickr feed Widget. 

Tip: If you think some of the feeds are not relevant to display, you can head over to the filter & Moderation panel and choose between feeds that you want to showcase and hide. You can even highlight some specific feeds. 

Once you are all set with curation and personalization of Flickr Feeds, it’s time to embed them on your website.

6. Click on the Embed Widget button at the bottom left corner of the editor screen. Then choose the website building platform that your website is developed with. Adjust the Width & Height of the Flickr Feed Widget that you want to display on your website. And click on the Copy Code button. 

7. Lastly, you are required to PASTE the Embed Code into the backend of the webpage that you desire to display these beautiful and interactive Flickr feeds on your website. Check the preview of the page and SAVE the changes you made on your website. 

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Tada! You are all set with embedding appealing Flickr photos on your website. A social media aggregator is the best way to integrate multiple Flickr photos into your website. You can collect multiple photos simultaneously, perform customization & moderation for an attractive display, and robustly embed on websites to offer the best user experience.

Hence, Tagembed Flickr Widget is your reliable tool to place Flickr photos creatively on your website.

2. Embedding Flickr Album using Flickr

So talking about Flickr, you are required to follow a set of steps to embed Flickr album into your website. Follow these below-given steps to embed or add Flickr photos on your website (follow along): 

  • Start with selecting a photo that you want to display on the website. Hover the cursor on the β€œYou” option, available on top of your account dashboard, and select Album and proceed to select the photo or video. 
  • Next, click on the Share Icon and choose the Embed option.
  • Now, copy and paste the embed code on the backend of the website webpage where you would like to embed it.

Tada! Your desired Flickr photo is now active on your website. 

However, embedding Flickr slideshow directly from the official website comes with some drawbacks. One of the significant drawbacks is you cannot embed multiple Flickr slideshow at one time or design them according to your website theme & layout to blend them with the website. 

Hence, there is a better option for you to embed Flickr album on your website with a social media aggregator

Social media aggregator is a tool with which you can aggregate multiple pictures or images from Flickr and embed them into your website. In addition, it provides you with functionality to curate the aggregated Flickr photos so that you display only those images which are essential for your marketing purposes.

There are various social media aggregator tools available on the internet that you can use to embed Flickr albums. However, Tagembed stands out of all due to the three major important fundamentals: productivity, affordability and features.

Embed Flickr Album on Website

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Over To You 

Enhance your website appearance by displaying powerful Flickr photos on your website. Integrating Flickr photos into the website enhances the user’s interaction and overall experience. 

Also, you will find visitors are engaging more on your website after embedding the Flickr feed. So start building powerful displays with Flickr photos that boost your website performance with more engagement, appearance, and unique content ability. 

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Free Social Media Aggregator

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