How To Embed Medium Blog On Website?

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No one can deny the fact that information can grab people’s attention and keep them hooked. So, how about adding this element to your website in a simplified way? In this blog, you will find the simplest method of how to embed Medium blog on website. We all know that Medium is one fantastic platform that consists of informative and interesting blogs that can attract, engage and impress your website visitors.

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Embed Medium Blog On Website

Follow these simple steps to add Medium blog on websites successfully:

#Step1: Aggregate Medium Blogs 

1. Sign up to create a free Tagembed account or log in to your account if you are an existing user.

Create an account

2. You’ll be redirected to Tagembed dashboard.

Tagembed dashboard

3. The First Widget will be already created for new users, just click on the Open button to proceed.

create widget

(Note: If you are an existing user, then click on the Create Widget button that appears on the top right corner of the screen. Next, provide the desired name of the widget on the pop-up dialog box and click on Create Widget)

4. Pick a source window will appear on your screen. Select RSS widget as your source from the grid of platforms.

Pick a source

5. A Create Feed dialog box will appear on your screen with 2 input boxes:

  • Display Name – Provide the desired name for your feeds
  • Feed URL – Enter the URL of your targeted Medium blog feeds
Add RSS Feeds

6. Now change the Medium URL into RSS feed URL, you must follow the RSS feed URL scheme mentioned below in this image.

RSS feed examples

7. Click on the Create Feed button to start aggregation. And within few seconds your screen will be loaded with all Medium Blog feeds.

medium blogs

(Tip: You can customize the feed according to your preference by clicking on the Personalize option on the left side of your screen. It allows you to change the Theme, Banners, CTA, Moderation Filter, Background, Font style, Font size of the widget and offers more options. Customization helps you to add charm to your widget and makes it appealing.)

#Step2: Generate Embed Code

Now It’s the time to generate the embed code for HTML website.

1. Click on the Embed Widget button that appears on the bottom-left side of the screen.

Medium Blog feed

2. Choose Your Platform dialog box will appear on the screen with the list of different website CMS. Select HTML from the given options.

Add Feeds On HTML Websites

3. Adjust the height & width of the widget and click on the Copy Code button.

adjust height and width

#Step3: Embed Medium Blog on Blogger websites

1. Login to HTML admin panel.

2. Navigate to the webpage where you want to integrate Medium article on website.

3. Paste the embed code into the body tag.

4. Save or Update the changes made to make it effective.

Yay! You have successfully embedded Medium blog on your website.

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In this age of the internet, having an engaging website can help in the long run. And what can be a better way to make a website engaging other than making it informative, right? By following the steps mentioned above, you can embed Medium blog on website and improve your website’s engaging element. So follow the steps now, and impress your visitors.

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