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Why Embed Social Story Widget On Website?

Here's why you must embed your Social Story Widget on your website


Boost Engagement Rate

Offer visitors something unique and refreshing to dwell upon & stay longer on your website, increasing your website's dwell time and engagement rate.


Enhance Stories' Reach

Focus on creating engaging & attractive content to expect a greater return on the content production as your digital audience come across the Story Widget


Content Beyond 24-hours

Give a new meaning to your content creation and bring maximum benefits out of your efforts as Stories stay on your website longer than the 24-hours time frame


Cost & Time Effective

Generate a good return on your time & capital investment with your Story widget by creating vibrant Stories, reusing them on your website, and avail abundant benefits

Benefits of Tagembed Story Widget

Here are the reasons why you must choose our Social Story Widget for your website


Improve Website Vibrancy & Performance

Offer a unique website experience to your website visitors with engaging and captivating Stories widget themes, layouts, templates, and more, effortlessly highlighting the visual content.


Quick & Responsive Solution

Avail a seamless integration of the story widget on the website. The responsive nature of the tool helps you display your top stories on any screen size without affecting the quality of the content.


Detailed Analytics To Measure Performance

Track the performance of your Story widget through the detailed analytics available. Generate reports, measure KPIs, and improve overall performance.

Features That Enable Vibrant Website Experience

Display creative Stories Widget on your website with these powerful features

Customize & Redesign

Create vibrant story widgets for your web pages with a wide range of themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, and more.

Advanced Moderation & Filters

Choose what you want to show by cluttering all the content from your story widget with the advanced moderation feature by Tagembed

Detailed Insights

Keep track of the performance of the story widget on your website using Tagembed's detailed analytics features & make changes accordingly

Code-free Process

Undergo the unique code-free process with Tagembed's embedding options to seamlessly add story widgets to your web pages

Instant Auto Sync

Story widget auto-syncs in real-time, so each time you upload a new story on your social channel, it will automatically appear on the website

Economical Solutions

Tagembed has a free forever plan with some unique features, but if you wish to avail its advanced features, you can always explore the paid plans

Widget Integrations With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results

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