How To Embed Facebook Reviews On Webflow Website

Facebook reviews is one of the oldest reviews platforms, that has a huge user base, and now it stands as one of the most trusted review platforms. Brands even showcase them on their website to win consumers. In this blog, we will be learning the simplest way to embed Facebook reviews on the Webflow website.

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How To Embed Facebook Reviews On Webflow Website:

Follow the steps mentioned below to display the Facebook reviews widget on the Webflow website:

#Step 1: Login & Aggregate The Facebook Reviews Feed:

a) To start, go to the Tagembed website and create an account by signing up. If you already have an account, just enter your login credentials to access your account.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Website

b) If you’re an existing user, you will see the widget on your screen. Click on the Open button to proceed. For users who want to create a new widget, click on Create Widget located in the top right corner of your screen. Enter a name for your widget and then click on the Create Widget button to continue.

edit new widget

c) Once you have opened the widget, a window called ‘Pick A Source’ will appear on your screen. Select the Review Widget tab.

Aggregate Reviews

d) From the list of available top review platforms, choose FB Reviews as the source platform. Connect your Facebook page by providing the necessary information.

Embed Facebook Reviews

Tip: To make the widget look more appealing and attractive, you can click on the Personalize tab located in the left menu panel. From there, you can change the themes and layout, background, banners, and other dedicated theme settings.

#Step 2: Generate Embed Code For Webflow Website:

a) Click on the Embed Widget button displayed on the bottom left corner of your screen.

Embed Facebook Reviews on website

b) New Dialogue box will open with “Choose Your Platform” Now Select “Webflow“ from the given options.


Step 3: Add Facebook Reviews Widget On Webflow:

a) Login into the Admin panel of your Webflow website. Then head to the Add element option, scroll down further, and click on the Embed button.

webflow dashboard

c) Lastly, Drag & drop where you want to display Facebook reviews widget for Webflow App Website. And then, paste this unique code into the iframe and click on Save/Publish it.

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