How To Embed TikTok Feeds On Weebly Website?

Embed TikTok Feed On Weebly Website

Imagine getting the magic of vibrancy and the power of visual-based content on your website. Wouldn’t that be amazing? As we all know, TikTok is a hub for visual-based content. TikTok users provide a wide variety of creative content that engages the audience and remains fresh in their minds.

Enjoy the same reception on your Weebly website by embedding TikTok feeds. These TikTok video feeds are an impactful tool, it makes your website vibrant and lively and helps you to attract people.

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It is very easy to embed TikTok feeds on Weebly. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding TikTok video feeds on Weebly.

Step A: Aggregate TikTok Feed 

Step B: Generate Code to Embed TikTok Feeds On Weebly

Step C: Add TikTok Feeds On Your Weebly Websites

Step A: Aggregate TikTok Feed 

1. Log in to your Tagembed account or sign up if you don’t have an account yet.

Sign up

2. After login if you are a new user, then your first widget will be created by default; just click on the Open button to proceed. The second option if you are an existing user, then click on the Create Widget button, and provide the desired name to the widget.

Embed tiktok Feed on Weebly Websites

3. Pick a Source pop-up window that will appear on your screen and select TikTok from provided options.

social media

4. Tagembed provides two connection types to fetch posts, HashTag(#) and Handle(@) feeds. Select the appropriate connection type, provide mentioned details, and click on Create Feed.

tiktok connection types

Step B: Generate Code to Embed TikTok Feeds On Weebly

1. After that now click on the Embed Widget button on the bottom left side of the window.

tiktok feeds weebly

2. Choose Weebly from Choose Your Platform pop-up.

website platform

3. You can adjust the width and height type for your feed.

Add tiktok Feeds in weebly

4. Tap on the copy code button & copy the code.

Step C: Add TikTok Feeds On Your Weebly Websites

After copying the embed code follow a few more easy steps to complete the embedding process.

1. Now Login to the admin account of your Weebly website and navigate to the page where you want to embed TikTok videos on Weebly.

2. Scroll the elements on the left-hand screen to find the Embed Code option. Drag & drop the option on the page where you want to add TikTok Feeds to Weebly.

Add Tiktok Feeds On Weebly Websites

3. A pop-up will appear Edit Custom Weebly click on it too and Paste the embed code into it.

weebly tiktok feeds

4. Finally, click on the Publish button at the top-right corner to make the changes effective.

Hence, your Weebly webpage is loaded with TikTok Video Feeds. Congratulations! You have successfully embedded the TikTok widget on the Weebly website.

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