How To Show Latest Instagram Post On Website?

Show Latest Instagram Post on Website

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Want to show latest Instagram post on website? Well, it is super easy to do so using Tagembed’s Instagram widget that offers an automatic feed update option. You can choose between different options like how much time you want your latest Instagram feed to be updated on your website based on your subscription plan.

Here is the step-by-step guide to show latest Instagram feed on website:

Step 1: Collect Instagram Feed 

1. Sign Up to create a Free Tagembed account or Login if you already have an account.

Sign up to embed Instagram feed on Google Sites

You’ll be redirected to a page where you need to select social widget as your product to continue collecting Instagram posts.

You’ll be able to see the time duration (near the help icon) of your next Instagram post update time. For example, in the below image the next Instagram feed post update time is 15 mins.

select social widgets

4. A dialog box will appear to “pick a source”, Choose Instagram here to collect latest Instagram Post:

Select Instagram as your source

5. Again new dialog box will appear to “Create Instagram Feed

Here, select your preferred type to collect your Instagram feed on your website.

  choose handle to collect your Instagram feed on your website.

6. Then enter the input accordingly and click on the “Create Feed” button

Login through your Instagram Account to authorize aggregation.

NOTE:  Tagembed provides a “Personalize” option to customize the display of your Instagram Widget, with many options to choose between according to your need.

Step 2: Embed or Show Latest Instagram Post On Website

After you have successfully created your Instagram widget, it’s time to implement Instagram posts on website. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Click on “Embed Widget” located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

how to embed Instagram Feed on Google sites

2. In the popup, select your CMS platform from the list and copy the Instagram feed embed code.

Choose the CMS platform of your website.

3. Set the dimensions as per your requirement. You can also check the preview before moving forward and make further changes if necessary. Finally, click on “Copy Code” button.

Copy the code ans paste on your website

4. Copy the code and paste it into the backend of your website, where you wish to embed feeds.

5. Go to your website editor, select a section and choose the embed option. Now, paste it into the embed editor and save the changes made.

Voila!! Your website is now all set to show latest Instagram post on website.

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