Why Is My Social Wall Showing “Instagram User” Instead of Username?

You must have seen “Instagram User” in place of Username while adding Instagram as the source in your social widget wall. 

It happens because Instagram has changed its API policy.

“On 11 December 2018, Instagram updated it’s API Policy in which it deprecated some of it’s important endpoints. So, now it’s not possible to get posts on the basis of hashtags and locations through Standard Instagram accounts but you can access the posts through hashtags, mentions and tags by converting your standard Instagram account into an Instagram Business account.” 

Instagram API

Subsequently a lot of other major changes took place because Instagram has changed its API policy.

One such major change was that from now on no user information will be available with hashtag posts. As a result, Tagembed can no longer access the personally identifiable information such as profile image, username with hashtag posts.

So, if you want to add a hashtag feed while adding Instagram as the source on your social widget’s wall, then all the feeds from that particular hashtags will be anonymously displayed on your wall. They will not showcase the user’s profile photo, name, and @username. Instead, the username will be displayed as “Instagram User”.

Furthermore; Take care of following points as well;

  1. You cannot comment on hashtagged media objects discovered through the API.
  2. Hashtags on Stories are not supported.
  3. Emojis in hashtag queries are not supported.