How to Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix Website

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix website

Facebook is one the most popular and prominent social media platforms, and van be held responsible for this social media dominance. Although Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook holds great influence and relevance in social media space. It helps users connect with one another and, at the same time, helps businesses extend their reach.

Just like Facebook is helping users build their connections, Wix, one of the leading website building platforms, is assisting users in having their online presence. And to extract great benefits from both platforms, brands are actively integrating them and are showcasing Facebook feed on their Wix website.

And the feed they usually select are Facebook review. Because reviews help businesses in building credibility and influence customers in purchasing. With the help of Tagembed, you can easily embed Facebook reviews on Wix website and flaunt your reviews to your website visitors.

Follow the following step by step guide to embed Facebook Reviews on Wix websites successfully.

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Step 1: Aggregate Facebook Reviews 

1. Sign Up to create a Free Tagembed account or Login if you already have an account.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix Website

2. You’ll be redirected towards the Tagembed dashboard.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix Website

3. Your First Widget will be already created, just click on the Open button to proceed.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix

4. A screen “Pick a source” will appear, here select Facebook from the list of networks.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix

5. Then, navigate to the Page Reviews tab.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix

6. Finally, click on the Create Feed button to start aggregation.

Tip: You can click on the Personalize tab on the left menu panel to change the themes & layout, background, banners and other dedicated themes settings to make Facebook Reviews widget look more appealing and attractive.

Step 2: Generate Embed Code for Wix website

1. Click on the Embed Widget button at the bottom-left of the menu panel.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix

2. A new screen “Choose Your Platform” will appear with the list of different website CMS.

Embed Facebook Reviews on Wix

3. Choose Wix as your website CMS and copy the URL from the fifth line.

Add Facebook Reviews on wix

Step 3: Embed Facebook Reviews on your Wix websites

After copying the embed code follow few more clickable steps to complete the embedding process.find

1. Login to the admin account of your Wix website and navigate to the page where you want to embed the Facebook Reviews.

2. On the left menu panel, click on the +ADD button then select more and select Embed Button > Embed a Widget .

Embed your Facebook Reviews on wix

3. Paste the embed code into the input field and click on Apply button.

Integrate Facebook Reviews on wix

4. Save the changes made and reload the page to view the changes made.

Hence, your Wix webpage is loaded with Facebook Reviews

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded Facebook Reviews on your Wix website.

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