How to Embed Social Media Feed on PageCloud Website

PageCloud is an effortless website builder to help you make a website with ease. It has many pre-built themes which are easy to use and moderate. Here you can do experiments with your site to make it look enriching.

Are you a PageCloud user? What if you can build a website by embedding social media feeds on PageCloud.

So let’s experience an amazing journey of building a website with the collaboration of Tagembed and PageCloud.

Tagembed being the best free social media aggregator, enrich and take it to the next level of development by providing free social media feeds on PageCloud.

Create a social media widget on PageCloud

Here, we are entering into a new era of website development so let’s dive into the easy steps:

#1 Free sign up at Tagembed 

It will land you on Tagembed dashboard 

embed social media feed on pagecloud

#2 Click on Create widget at the top right corner

add social media feed with pagecloud

Name your widget, it will be URL of widget

add social media feed with pagecloud

#3 Choose desired social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc

social media feed with pagecloud

Here we take Facebook, for example, click on it & a new pop appears to enter the required information as asked in the pop-up (hashtag, profile, handle, mention, list, etc) so h

Generate the code to embed on PageCloud

Since you have fetched feeds into the widget

#1 Now tap on Embed Widget at the bottom left of the dashboard

add social feed on pagecloud

#2 Select PageCloud

embed social media aggregator on pagecloud

#3 Click on Get Code to copy it 

social media feed on pagecloud

Note: Set the width in percentage % and Height in pixels Px for better exposure

Embed social media feed on PageCloud

#1 Go to your PageCloud site & open the post or page in which you’d like to embed feeds.

#2 It will redirect you to the dashboard, tap on Edit pages

tagembed on pagecloud

Select the page on which you want to embed social media feeds & it will redirect you to editor

#3 Click on Apps at left sidebar and scroll down to Tagembed under Social section.

When you drag and drop the tagembed iFrame where you want to show social feeds.

Paste the copied code under Tagembed iframe box

Once you will paste the code, you need drag and set the height and width of box and tagembed widget accordingly

It will see correctly under live mode.

#4 Click on Save then Preview at bottom right corner of the screen.

socialmedia feed on pagecloud

This will look alike below and now tap on Publish site and you are done

embed social feed on pagecloud

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