How To Embed Instagram Feed Widget On Webflow

Tagembed Instagram feed plugin for Webflow is an amazing plugin not only to sell the features but also to connect and engage with the audience by providing them with the best experience & feel. With this, you can collect, construct, & add an Instagram feed on website with hashtags, Instagram handles, or mentions. This plugin fetches all images or video feeds.

With the Instagram widget plugin, you can create a personalized gallery or catalogue within a few steps. Just put forth ultimate control over the user-generated content with easy & customizable options of the coding-free widget to enhance traffic & conversion on your website. 

Just go through the simple step-by-step guide to Embed Instagram feed widget on webflow website.

Step 1 : Create Instagram Feed Widget at Tagembed

#1 Free sign up at Tagembed or login if already registered

Instagram feed plugin for webflow website

#2 Tap on “Create Widget” at the top right corner of dashboard

Instagram widget on webflow

Enter Widget Name & URL for your widget

Instagram feed plugin for webflow

#3 Now to collect feeds, click on “Add Feeds” at the leftside bar

Instagram widget on webflow

#4 Select Instagram from the dialogue box that appeared

add instagram feed plugin on webflow

Enter details of feeds what you want to fetch in to the widget

create instagram feed on webflow

@handle: To fetch Instagram feeds from your handle once you login automatically

#Hashtag: Drive feeds related to hashtag

Mention: Collect Instagra feeds of users who have mentioned you in their Instagram posts

Tagged: If anyone has tagged you in their posts

Now click on Create Feeds and Login into your Insta account

NOTE: Here you can personalize your feeds to change layout, design, themes, card-style of feeds, size, height, color, etc. from Personalize Section to display on website accordingly.

As you have successfully created Instagram widget, now head towards generating code and embed on webflow website.

Step 2: Generate the Embed code for Webflow website

#1 Move your cursor to the Embed Widget at the bottom left of the dashboard

Embed Instagram feed on webflow

#2 Select HTML as the website platform

add instagram feed on webflow website

#3 Copy the code from the prompted dialogue box

Step 3: Embed Instagram feed on Webflow website

#1 Navigate to the webflow website and login to the admin panel

#2 Head to the “Add Element” & scroll down to “Embed”

Instagram feed on webflow

#3 Drag & drop it where you want to display the feeds

#4 Paste the code into the iframe and click on Save/Publish it.

Now your Instagram feeds can be previewed on your website

Instagram feed on webflow