How To Add Fox News RSS feed On Website?

Fox news is one of the prominent and trusted news platforms. For many, Fox news is their main source of news and gathering information. People often read the news to get themselves updated, and keeping them on the track RSS feed comes in handy. 

To keep their website informative and to increase website traffic, you might have noticed that many brands are opting to embed Fox news RSS feed on their respective website. Adding Fox news RSS feed might sound like a complex process, but thanks to Tagembed, this process is made simpler and more manageable. So, let’s learn how we can embed Fox news RSS feed on website using Tagembed, but before that, let’s know about Tagembed.

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What Is Tagembed?

Tagembed is one of the prominent social media aggregator tools that helps users in collecting, curate, customize, and display feeds from 20+ platforms. It includes all the major social media platforms.

Alongside making the whole embedding process simple and manageable, the tool also consists of various features that make this tool a result-oriented marketing tool. Like, it allows users to customize their feed as per their needs, and they can change the font size, style, background color, and more.

Also, users have a moderation feature that allows them to remove the content that they think is irrelevant to their website. They can hide it manually one by one or opt for the profanity filter. The profanity filter removes the content automatically consisting of provided keywords. Responsive widget, automatic updates, custom CSS, custom CTA are some of the other major features out of many.

Steps to Embed Fox News RSS Feed On Website

You can display Fox news RSS feed on your website by following these simple steps:

Step 1 – Collect RSS News Feed

1. Visit Tagembed and sign up to create a free Tagembed account. And if you are an existing user, then fill up your credential and login to your account.

sign up

2. You will land on the Tagembed window, where you will select your widget. Choose Social widget & Start free trial.

social widget

3. A Pick a source window will appear on your screen. Choose RSS Widget from the given options.

select rss

4. Create RSS Feed dialog box will appear on your screen with 2 input boxes:

Display Name – Provide the desired name for your feeds

Feed URL – Enter the URL of your targeted Fox news RSS feed (you can pick your category of news from this url –

add rss feed

5. Click on the Create Feed button to start aggregation. And within a few seconds, your screen will be showcasing the collection of RSS News Widget.

Tip: You can customize the feed according to your preference by clicking on the Personalize option on the left side of your screen. This feature allows you to modify the Themes, Banners, CTA, Background, Font style, and Font size and more of your RSS feed widget and offers more options.

Now It’s time to generate the embedding code that helps to embed RSS feed on website.

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Step 2 – Generate RSS News Widget Embed Code for Website

1. Click on the Embed Widget button that is present on the bottom-left side of your screen.

rss feed

2. Choose Your Platform dialog box will appear on the screen. Choose your desired platform. For example – HTML

choose other platform

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3. Adjust the height & width of the widget as per your requirement. After making desired changed copy the given code and paste it into the backend of your website.

embed code

And you are done. Your website will now be showcasing Fox news feed.

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