How To Embed Facebook Feeds On Shopify Websites ?

There are two major steps involved in the process of embedding Facebook feed on your website with Tagembed the best social media aggregator.

Step I – Create A Facebook Widget

#1 Signup/Login to the Tagembed account to create a Facebook Widget.

sign up

#2 Click on “Add Feeds” located on your dashboard.

#3 A popup appears. Select Facebook as the source of fetching content.

facebook source

You can use any one of the sources to aggregate content from the Facebook feeds.

a) Handle : To fetch the posts from the Facebook handle.
b.) Page : To fetch the posts from your Facebook page.
c.) Mentions : To fetch the posts that mention your account handle.
d.) Albums : To fetch the entire Facebook profile album.

#4. Click on the checkbox for content moderation and then click on “Create Feed”.

facebook feed

Select Continue with Facebook.

Step II – Embed the Facebook widget on Shopify Website

Click on the “Embed Widget” button present on the bottom-left corner of the editor page.

A popup appears. Select Shopify as the website building platform.

shopify platform

Set the dimensions and click on Get Code.
Copy the generated code.

shopify code

Shopify gives an option to integrate your curated Facebook feeds to default pages, new pages or blog posts.

Given below are the steps to embed Facebook feeds on all the three types.

Default Pages

#1. Login to the Shopify store.

#2. Locate the online store option and then the Themes menu.

#3. Click on the “Customize” button.

#4. Click on “Custom Content” presented in the sidebar.

#5. Select the “Custom HTML” and paste the copied code and click on save.

New Pages

#1 Login to the Shopify store and locate the online store option.

#2. Click on Pages, present in the sidebar.

#3. Click on the “Add Page” button.

#4. In the text editor, select the HTML (<>) option.

#5. Paste the copied code , now click on save button.

Blog Posts

#1. Login to the Shopify store and navigate to the online store menu.

#2. Select the Blog posts option in the sidebar.

#3. Click on “Create blog post”.

#4. Select the HTML (<>) option in the text editor.

#5. Paste the code and click on save.

This way you will successfully embed Facebook feeds on your Shopify website.

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NOTE: Tagembed has just launched its Shopify plugin. You can try that as well.