How To Embed Facebook Feed On WIX Website?

Facebook Widget is the best free tool to embed Facebook feed on Wix website. The process of Embedding Facebook feed on your WIX website involves two main steps :

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Widget

  1. Create an account at Tagembed Facebook Widget or login to the existing one.
  1. Click on the Add Feed option presented left side on the dashboard.
  1. Select Facebook as the source of aggregating content.
  1. Select one of the methods of aggregation
  • a) Page : To fetch the Facebook page posts.
  • b) My Profile Posts : To fetch the Facebook profile posts.
  • c) Albums : To fetch the albums of your Facebook profile.
  • d) Page Reviews : To fetch the customer reviews on your Facebook page.
  • d) Page Mentions : To fetch the posts that mentions your page handle.
  1. Click on Create Feed.
  1. A popup appears. Click on Continue with Facebook to proceed to login. Provide necessary information to login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Generate Embed Code for Wix website

You have successfully created Facebook widget with our free social media aggregator, Moving forward to embed Facebook feed on Wix website

  1. Click on the Embed Widget button present on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  1. Select a website building platform among the options in the popup.
  1. Choose Wix as your website CMS and copy the URL from the fifth line.

Step 3: Embed Facebook Feed on your Wix websites

After copying the embed code follow few more clickable steps to complete the embedding process.find

1. Login to the admin account of your Wix website and navigate to the page where you want to embed Facebook Feeds.

2. On the left menu panel, click on the +ADD button then select more and select Embed Button > Embed a Widget .

Add Embed Code

3. Paste the embed code into the input field and click on Apply button.

Enter Embed Code

4. Save the changes made and reload the page.

Hence, your Wix webpage is loaded with Facebook Feeds

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded Facebook Feeds on your Wix website.

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