How to embed Instagram feed on an HTML website?

Go through step-by-step guide to embed Instagram feed on your website by using Tagembed the free-forever social media aggregator.

Create an Instagram Widget

Follow the steps mentioned below to create an Instagram widget for your website

STEP 1 : Signup/Login to the Tagembed account

Login tagembed

STEP 2 :  Locate the “Create Widget” button present on your dashboard and click on it.

embed instagram feeds on HTML

STEP 3 : Give your widget a name and your unique URL will be created accordingly. To enable Profanity Filter, click on the checkbox and finally click on “Create Widget”.

Widget to embed Instagram feeds on HTML

STEP 4 : Click on feeds located on the left side of your screen. A drop down menu appears. Click on “Add Feed”.

Add instagram feeds on website

STEP 5 : In the popup, select Instagram as your source of fetching your desired content. 

instagram feeds on HTML

STEP 6 : Select one of the connection types that will help you assemble your content.

Add Instagram on HTML website
  • a) HashTag (#) : Used to fetch content based on a particular hashtag.
  • b) Handle (@) : It will directly embed content from your instagram feed as soon as you login to your instagram business account.
  • c) Mention : It fetches posts that mentioned you in their posts.
  • d) Tagged : The posts that tagged your account will be fetched automatically.

To enable content moderation before embedding them on the website, click on the checkbox.

STEP 7 : Click on “Create Feed” and provide the login credentials for Instagram. After some time, your posts will be visible in the moderation panel.

You can now access the customization feature to personalize the widget as per your website requirements.

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Embed Instagram feed On HTML Website

After you have successfully created your Instagram widget, its time to embed Instagram feeds widget on your website. Follow the steps mentioned below.

STEP 1 : Click on “Embed Widget” located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Integrate instagram feeds on website

STEP 2 : In the popup, select HTML as the website building platform.

How to embed instagram feeds on different websites

STEP 3 : Set the dimensions as per your requirement. You can also check the preview before moving forward and make further changes if necessary. Finally, click on “Get Code”.

Add instagram gallery feeds on website

STEP 4 : Copy the code to paste on HTML website.

STEP 5: Go to your website editor and paste it where you want to display the embedded Instagram feeds.

Voila!! Your website is now all set to flash enticing content.

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