How To Add Instagram Feed On Sydney WordPress Theme

Businesses often struggle to make their websites rank higher on search engines and reach out more effectively to their target audience. As A Result, they began to explore other means and strategies to make their website more engaging for their website visitors.

Social media has tremendous potential to keep the visitors hooked on it due to its dynamic range of content. Soon enough businesses and marketers realized this and started the trend of embedding social media content, mostly Instagram content, on their Sydney WordPress website due to its bright and striking presence. 

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This post will give you an insight into the best way of adding an Instagram feed to the Sydney website. However, have a quick look at what makes the Sydney theme special. 

Sydney is a preferred choice amongst brands that wish to give their website a more professional, well-put-together look. The theme comes with various customization options including Elementor block, Google Fonts, etc. All these features work great together to create a business website of your preference. Additionally, it comes with three demo site options. However, to take advantage of the complete functionality of the theme, you need to upgrade to Sydney pro.

Keep reading to find out how embedding Instagram feeds on the Sydney WordPress theme can be a game-changer for your business. 

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Key Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Sydney Website

With a massive user base, Instagram is amongst one of the most popular visual-dominated platforms that are highly used by its users to post and share content to gain more followers. 

Furthermore, embedding an Instagram feed on WordPress website can help you in the below-mentioned ways. 

a). Make The Website More Visually Appealing – As mentioned above, Instagram feeds have a charm that is difficult to be overlooked. Furthermore, embedding the feeds on the website would work great for its design aspect. 

b). More Engagement On The Website – Undeniably, people love scrolling through their Instagram feeds which would make the website visitors stay longer on the website, leading to more excitement and engagement on the website. 

c). Build A Social Proof – Displaying social proof of a brand has become a much important strategy for brands as it helps them showcase how much the customers love and connect with the brand. Eventually, gaining trust would help brands gain more conversions. 

These are all the benefits of adding an Instagram feed on the Sydney WordPress website and we are sure you must be set to embed an Instagram feed on the Sydney website. Have a look at the steps now. 

Add Instagram Feed on Sydney WordPress Theme

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Step By Step Guide To Embed Instagram Feeds On Website Using The Tagembed Plugin 

#1. Go to the Plugin Section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.

wordpress dashboard

#2. Search Tagembed in the search box. Next, click on Install Now or activate and download Tagembed Plugin Zip Folder and Activate the Tagembed Widget.

add tagembed plugin

#3. Now scroll down to the Tagembed plugin and click on Sign up. Or simply log in with your credentials if you already have an account.


#4. Click on Tagembed. Next, click on Add Feeds tab to collect feeds from your desired social media channel

my widget

#5. Select any Social Media platform from the Network drop-down section. Feed Filter segment will appear on your screen. From the drop-down select desired source such as hashtags, handle, lists, mention, page, reviews, etc. to fetch the relevant feed.

add social feeds

Now your all social media feeds will be successfully fetched from the selected source.

TIP: Personalize Your Feeds : You can customize Card Style, Font Size, Color, Layout, Theme of your choice

live feeds

#6. Display Feeds on Website: Now head back to your WP panel and go to Tagembed Widget to Copy the Short Code

instagram feeds

#7. Go to a page or post where you want to display feeds from social media

Click on Add block + and select Tagembed widget

edit dashboard

#8. Paste the shortcode and click on Embed to preview your feeds.


Wonderful! So now you have successfully embedded Instagram widget for WordPress. Update your live feed on your WordPress website page with the Sydney Instagram Feed.

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Why Use The Tagembed Plugin? 

A super easy process, wasn’t it? 

However, if you are wondering why you should leverage the Tagembed WordPress plugin over all the other available plugins, then this section will give you an insight! 

a). Fuss Free setup – Activate and install the plugin in a few taps and clicks. There is no requirement for technical skills or knowledge for the installation process. 

b). No need for manual updates – Tagembed WordPress Plugin automatically updates the content every few moments. It saves users the time to manually update the content. 

c). Fully Customizable – Utilize the customization options of the plugin to uplift the looks of the Instagram widget. Choose from a wide range of options like themes, fonts, colors, etc. 

d). Code Free process – Liberate yourself from the taxing coding process to embed Instagram feeds. Follow the steps in a few clicks to complete the entire process. 

e). Insightful Analytics – Keep the performance of the Instagram widget in check after publishing it on the website. Details like total likes, clicks, impressions, etc. can help you determine how your visitors are reacting to the widget. 

f). Content Moderation – Maintain premium quality content by removing any unwanted or irrelevant content from the Instagram widget before making it live. 

g). Super Affordable- A budget-friendly “FREE FOREVER” plan for all users to make the most of this strategy without having to spend a lot. 

Key Takeaways

Even though there are various marketing strategies that are being adopted by brands, embedding social media feeds especially Instagram feeds on the website surely tops the list due to its amazing benefits. 

Now that you are aware of the significance and the steps in which you can embed Instagram feeds seamlessly into your website, go on and begin the process right away! 

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