What is Embedding?

The process of incorporating external content directly into a web page rather than linking it is known as embedding. Embedding on social media often means inserting a piece of media like an image, video, or interactive content on a webpage. Without leaving the website, embedding allows visitors to view the content easily. 

Different Types Of Feeds You Can Embed On A Website? 

Here is a compiled list of social media feeds that are commonly embedded on the website: 

  1. YouTube Videos- despite being primarily a video platform, YouTube has social features. YouTube channels, videos, and playlists can be embedded easily on the website. 
  2. X (Twitter) – Display trending tweets of individuals or businesses on your website. You can embed them easily on the website with the help of Twitter aggregators. 
  3. Instagram Feeds- Integrate Instagram posts, such as reels, hashtags, photos, stories, etc, to your site using Instagram aggregator.
  4. Facebook Feed- You can directly embed Facebook feed, including videos, posts, or reviews. 
  5. LinkedIn Feed- You can easily display and embed LinkedIn feeds or show public profiles on the website. 
  6. TikTok Feed- Many brands and businesses are now starting to embed TikTok videos on their website due to its popularity and wider reach. 
  7. Social Media widgets- From different social media sources, some social media widgets aggregate content based on hashtags or other criteria by creating a feed. 

Considering user experience and privacy when embedding social media feeds or content on the website is important.

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