Moderation Feed

What is Moderation Feed?

In Tagembed moderation is a feature that lets you to filter post as per different criteria. Letting the user to decide which post to display on the website and what not. For user-generated content, the practice of monitoring and applying a pre-determined set of rules and guidelines to check if the communication, particularly a post, is permissible or not is termed as Moderation. In the internet-driven world, moderation is an essential process. 

On the internet, moderation involves categorizing, moderating, and rating content. Businesses themselves moderate the content. Moderation is essential because it consists of the act of making sure content adheres to local, national, or international law. Moderation is mainly used on websites that rely on user-generated content, such as social media platforms and online marketplaces.

What Is The Importance of Moderation?

There are numerous reasons why moderation is important for your brand or business: 

1. Increased Website Traffic

You can get engaging and compelling user-generated content on social media. Brands can increase the vibrancy of the website by showing user-generated content on the website and can display the authenticity of the brand. 

2. Filter Content For UGC

From its creators, brands need to get the content rights to reuse the content for better user engagement. Brands or businesses can filter the content from a single influencer to stay away from any legal action. 

3. Audience Engagement

Businesses and brands can filter out inappropriate content by moderating the content that sends a negative impression of the brand on social media. 

4. Boost Sales

Towards the product, user-generated content helps the brands to get the import of customer feedback and reviews. 

5. Generate Social Shopping

To depict the services and products of your brand, showing good quality user-generated content is the best method. To trigger prospective customers’ emotions and impact their buying decisions, brands can turn this moderate content into shoppable content.

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