1. Introduction

This Tagembed privacy policy outlines the data we collect, how we collect it, and how we use it. It is meant to help you understand the privacy guidelines we follow regarding your data and information.

It is important for you to understand so kindly take time to read it.

2. Collection of Information

We generally collect non-identifying user information when they browse our website. This information includes but is not limited to the device, cookies, source, site actions, browser, operating system, usage, or similar additional information.

It is important for you to understand so kindly take time to read it.

This information solely cannot identify you as a user and your personal information.

Regarding the use of personal information, we may require that your personal details whenever you interact, sign up, create an account, or take action that requires filling out your personal information such as name, email, phone number, organization, etc.

3. Collection of Information

Tagembed doesn’t transfer or sell your personal information to any third party without your consent. Although, we may use this information internally for the following purposes and more:

  • To improve customer service and experience with us
  • To share promotional information (as per the terms agreed by the user on website)
  • To send product updates, information, news, and respond to feedback & inquiries
  • To process other necessary actions like payments, refunds, cancellations, etc. 
  • (if required) To share it with law enforcement entities

4. Information Collection (Product Use)

In addition to the 2nd point, we also have access to and collect the user information that you voluntarily enter as part of your Tagembed service usages like connecting to third-party apps and platforms

Any access to your social accounts or third-party connections using Tagembed will be collected by us in accordance with the authorization procedure of such social platforms and apps.

Important: We won’t have access to any password to such social accounts and apps that you may connect with your Tagembed account.

Whenever you connect your Tagembed account to third-party services, you authorize us to access personal information such as email, username, profile posts & pictures, and other relevant information in accordance with the authorization process.

5. Site Cookies

Our website uses cookies to collect and store some browsing & user information that will be used mainly to enhance the user experience with Tagembed.

Besides, cookies can be used to track basic information about the users and how they interact with the site. Users have the authority to deny permission to use such cookies.

Denying cookies permission may result in some parts of the site to not perform in the best manner. Cookies are mainly used for storing login details on site and enhance user experience.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Although we will ensure that there is no disclosure of any personal information of the users to any third party but there are certain circumstances that require the disclosure of users’ personal information

Third-Party Service Providers
As a business, we also use certain third-party services for obtaining services such as database management, performance analytics, billing, customer relationship management, hosting, error monitoring, and maintenance services.

We may share your information with these third parties to perform the mentioned tasks. Also, these third parties are obligated to not disclose your personal information beyond the privacy policy.

Compliance With Law & Official Authorities
We can disclose your personal information to the law enforcement, government, and official authorities for seamless & rightful enforcement of any investigation or lawful query.

We believe that it is crucial to contribute in an appropriate investigation, to respond, to defend, and to protect against any claim, or for legal processes, to protect rights of the company, to protect against damage, to protect property, to protect Tagembed from liability, to ensure safety and security of the public, and to stop/prevent any unethical, fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful activity

Transfer of Rights or Ownership
In case of a transfer of rights or ownership of Tagembed to any other entity or organization, we may sell, transfer, or share our assets including personal information of users, in relevance to the merger, acquisition, sale of assets, or in the case of bankruptcy.

7. Managing Personal Information

By contacting us through admin[@]tagembed.com, you as a member can ask for updating, correcting, or deleting your personal information stored with us.

8. Retaining Personal Information

The retention of your personal information with us is dependent on its need for the business, or requirements of the law, or dissolution of the business, or by official deletion proceedings, or any other necessary policy that requires us to retain your personal information.

When we no longer have the necessity to retain your information, we will either delete it, destroy it, or anonymize it. Till any of these actions aren’t achieved, we will securely store your information with us.

9. Protection of Information

We use premium technology and tools for data collection, processing, storage, and security measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, unlawful disclosure, unauthorized modification, and destruction of personal data.

The exchange of information between a site and its users happens through an SSL certified communication protocol making it encrypted and protected.

Also, we maintain premium security standards for the security and privacy of your personal information stored with us. However, no security system is 100% secure therefore, we do not guarantee the security of your personal information to a certainty. Although we follow all the security procedures and maintain privacy are a priority.

10. Updates To The Privacy Policy

Tagembed holds the right to make changes in the privacy policy but that would not reduce your rights and duties without your permission. You can check this page for any updates/changes in the privacy policy.

Kindly note that Tagembed will not be liable if you do not acknowledge or respond to the news of changes/updates in the privacy policy or do not check this page to keep yourself updated.

11. Your Acceptance of The Privacy Policy

By accessing this website or its app & services, you agree to this privacy policy and the terms of it. Your use of the Tagembed website, its app, & services will be deemed as an acceptance of this privacy policy.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us at [email protected]