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Explore The Limelight Features Of The RSS Widget For HTML

Learn about some of the major features of RSS Widget for HTML that can help you to extract maximum benefits


arrow arrow Powerful Moderation

Remove unnecessary RSS feeds with Tagembed’s robust moderation to showcase relevant and exciting content on your website.

arrow arrow Responsive Widgets

Responsive RSS feed compatible with the themes and design of the HTML websites to enhance visitors’ reading experience on any website.

arrow arrow Real-Time Updates

Keep your website equipped with new RSS feeds with the intelligent RSS Widget's automated real-time update feature.

arrow arrow Creative Customization

Curate an appealing RSS Widget for HTML with a diverse range of themes, colors, fonts, layouts, etc.

arrow arrow Performance Analytics

Detailed analytics to track the performance of the RSS Widget For HTML website.

arrow arrow Code-free Options

Seamlessly embed RSS Widget on HTML website with a no-code process by Tagembed.

arrow arrow Custom CSS

Improve the HTML RSS Widget as per your preference for the HTML website with the Custom CSS option.

The Benefits Of RSS Widget For HTML Website

Here are the benefits of adding the RSS feed Widget to HTML website.


Boost Engagement Rate

Showcase real-time updated RSS feeds, offer your audience something informative yet engaging that boosts your website engagement rate.


Boost Dwell Time

Fetch unique content on your website from different sources to make your HTML website dwell-worthy.


Creative Customization

Customisation options like themes, fonts, colours, etc., by Tagembed to create an RSS Widget that fits perfectly on your HTML website.


Responsive Designs

Responsive designs that fit every device and adapt well to your HTML website for a seamless experience for your website visitors.


Rank Higher On SERP

Boost HTML website’s performance leading to a higher ranking and opening doors for more click-through rates.


Enhance Website Traffic

Offer unique content with the RSS Widget and create stand-out website experiences that boost dwell time and drive website traffic.

Steps To Adding The RSS Widget On HTML

Steps for leveraging the RSS Widget for HTML website

  1. Create An Account On Tagembed (Free Trial Available)
  2. Select RSS As Your Source Platform & Connection Type
  3. Enter your display name and the feed URL you want to embed on the website.
  4. Customize & Filter The RSS Feed Widget
  5. Embed RSS Widget On HTML
  6. Try for Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an RSS feed widget?

You can use Tagembed’s RSS widget to add an RSS Feed Widget on HTML. Log in for free, create a widget, select RSS as your source network, enter the URL to collect content, and paste the generated content into the backend of your website. You have successfully added RSS Widget!

Which is the best RSS Widget Theme to display RSS Feed?

The modern card has to be the best RSS theme to display RSS Feed on the website, as it enables website owners to showcase the content in the form of cards. The theme improves the look and feel of the website and enhances the readability of the content.

What is RSS Widget?

RSS Widget is a compilation of RSS feeds collected from numerous sources into a single widget. This RSS widget can be embedded to keep your website equipped with the latest information.

How do I embed an RSS feed in HTML?

These are the steps to embed an RSS widget on HTML website:
  • Create A Free Account
  • Select RSS As Your Source Platform & Connection Type
  • Next, enter your display name and the feed URL you want to embed on the HTML website.
  • Customize & Moderate the RSS Feed Widget
  • An Embed Code Will Be Generated
  • Copy & Paste It In The Backend Of Your HTML Website, and that's it!

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