How To Add Instagram Feed On Neve WordPress Theme

Embedding Instagram feed on the WordPress website has grown to become one of the most sought-after marketing strategies for most budding brands/entrepreneurs or businesses. Even given a thought to what led this strategy to such popularity? 

This post will give you an insight into all this much more. Before we get on to the why’s, let’s talk a little bit about Neve WordPress theme.

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If you are a WordPress user, you must be well aware of the enormous number of themes offered by this website building platform to enable the users to create the website of their dreams! Of all the best WordPress themes, Neve is known to be the most popular, responsive, and lightweight theme that can be considered. Apart from the design and appearance aspect, this theme is famous for its seamless functionality as well. The best part about this theme is its loading time.

Neve has 80+ starter sites in its library, and the number keeps increasing every month. Lastly, the theme lets the users adjust everything from the overall layout of the page, to the headers and footers of the website. Furthermore, embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website is an outstanding strategy to further enhance the engagement rate of the visitors!

neve theme

Why Should You Add Instagram Feed On Neve WordPress Website? 

Ever since its inception, Instagram has grown to become one of the highest leveraged social media platforms with over 500 million daily active users. The stunning presence and vibrancy of Instagram are what sets it apart from its competitors. Such tremendous potential of the social media giant has pushed marketers to include it in its marketing efforts.

Mentioned below are a few reasons as to why you should include the presence of this vibrant platform in your business website.

A). Add More Charm To Your Website – The charm and lively presence of Instagram can instantly brighten up the overall look of your website. A website comprising only content can bore your visitors. Embedding Instagram feeds would bring more appeal to your site tremendously.

B). Increased Engagement Of Website Visitors – It is a no-brainer that Instagram users spend quite a substantial amount scrolling through their Instagram feeds. By embedding Instagram feed on WordPress website, you compel visitors to explore the website more that would lead to an increase in the engagement rate.

C). Reduced Bounce Rate – A high bounce rate reflects a lack of engagement factor on your website. Adding Instagram feeds would engage your website, visitors, more, leading to an increase in their dwell time and a reduction in the bounce rate of your website. 

We are certain that the benefits of this strategy must be an eye-opener and you must be interested in adding Instagram feeds instantly to your website. 

Mentioned below are the steps that can be taken to embed Instagram feed on wordpress website in a couple of clicks using the Tagembed WordPress plugin. 

Add Instagram Feed on Neve WordPress Theme

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Detailed Guide To Add Instagram Feed Using The Tagembed WordPress Plugin 

#1. Go to the Plugin Section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New.

wordpress dashboard

#2. Search Tagembed in the search box. Next, click on Install Now or activate and download Tagembed Plugin Zip Folder and Activate the Tagembed Widget.

add tagembed plugin

#3. Now scroll down to the Tagembed plugin and click on Sign up. Or simply login with your credentials if you already have an account.


#4. Click on Tagembed. Next, click on Add Feeds tab to collect feeds from your desired social media channel

my widget

#5. Select any Social Media platform from the Network drop-down section. Feed Filter segment will appear on your screen. From the drop-down select desired source such as hashtags, handle, lists, mention, page, reviews, etc. to fetch the relevant feed.

add social feeds

Now your all social media feeds will be successfully fetched from the selected source.

TIP: Personalize Your Feeds : You can customize Card Style, Font Size, Color, Layout, Theme of your choice

live feeds

#6. After collecting the feed and choosing an appropriate theme for the widget, now it’s time to curate the content. Click on the Filter tab; here you can hide the content or post that you think is inappropriate or irrelevant to your website.


#7. Next, click on the Customization tab; here you can modify the widget as per your need.

a.) click on the Layout option to make changes in the widget layout here, you can choose the no of feed on the widget and more.

Layout setting

b). Card option enables you to change the font size of the feed, font style, and more. You can even change the aspect ratio of the content to make it more visually appealing and even change the curve style of your card. Play around with the provided options to make your widget more appealing.

card setting

c.) Another option offers the customs CSS feature.

Other setting

#8. Display the Feeds on the Website, Now head back to your WP panel and go to Tagembed Widget to Copy the Short Code.

short code

#9. Tagembed also provides you the option for the HTML platforms. To embed the feed on your HTML website, click on the HTML option, copy the code, and paste it to the backend of the website where you want to display the feed. You can embed the feed on any section, any page, and short anywhere on your website.

html code

#10. You can also exercise the iFrame option. Just click on the iFrame option, copy the given code, and paste it anywhere you want to display your feed on your website.

iframe code

#11. Go to a page or post where you want to display feeds from social media

Click on Add block + and select Tagembed widget

edit dashboard

#12. Paste the shortcode and click on Embed to preview your feeds.


Great so now you have successfully added Instagram widget for WordPress. Update your live feed on your WordPress website page with the Neve Instagram Feed.

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What Makes The Tagembed WordPress Plugin Different From Other WordPress Plugins?

Wasn’t the process simple & efficient? While there is a multitude of WordPress plugins to embed Instagram feed on website, these are the highlights as to why using the Tagembed WordPress plugin can be your best bet.

a). Fuss Free setup – No need for coding skills or technical knowledge for the activation of the plugin. Install and activate it in a few minutes without any complexities. 

b). No need for manual updates – Liberate yourself from automatically updating the Instagram feeds manually. The Tagembed WordPress plugin does it automatically every few minutes. 

c). Fully Customizable – Leverage the wide range of customization options like templates, themes, fonts, colors, etc. to enhance the overall appearance of the Instagram feeds to make them more appealing. 

d). Code Free process – Free yourself from complicated codes. Complete the entire Instagram feed embedding process in a few taps and clicks. 

e). Insightful Analytics – Keep track of the performance of your Instagram widget after publishing it on the website. Get insights like impressions, the total number of likes and clicks, etc. 

f). Content Moderation – Eliminate any unwanted or objectionable content from the Instagram widget. Use the profanity filter to ensure the topmost quality of content.

g). Super Affordable- A budget-friendly “FREE FOREVER” plan for all users to include this strategy into their marketing efforts and to reap maximum benefits. 

Final Thoughts 

While we are set to conclude, we are sure that you are set to embed Instagram feeds on your Neve WordPress website to make the most of this marketing strategy.

Go on now, enjoy the aforementioned benefits and much more by including this strategy in your business, and watch your brand sales increase! 

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