How PowerPlan Intensified Its LinkedIn Game With Tagembed

“Tagembed made our long-time wishlist item come true by feeding our company’s most popular social channel, LinkedIn, directly on the homepage of our public website.“

Rebecca Hinton Senior Manager PowerPlan, Inc.


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What Is PowerPlan?

PowerPlan is a leading B2B SaaS and on-premises provider of financial software for the energy industry. With PowerPlan’s integrated platform, energy companies can consolidate detailed financial and operational data from across the organization to create a unique view for each stakeholder.

This enables them to make optimal departmental strategies. Apart from that, PowerPlan helps mitigate compliance risk by applying complex tax and industry-specific regulatory requirements to a consolidated, auditable set of financial books.


What Were The Roadblocks For PowerPlan?

PowerPlan sought to elevate its online presence and engagement through its redesigned website. Since their niche is B2B, they particularly wanted their prominent LinkedIn channel, directly onto their homepage. The goal was to create a seamless user experience for visitors, offering them a glimpse into the company’s dynamic activities and establishing leadership in their niche.

Before discovering Tagembed, PowerPlan was constantly struggling with not being able to showcase LinkedIn posts on its website with ease. A key objective was to integrate real-time updates directly sourced from their LinkedIn posts. PowerPlan also organizes many webinars in its niche. Considering that, they also wanted their target audience to get notified of their upcoming webinars on their website.

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How Tagembed Became A Helping Hand?

After the recommendation by their internal UI/UX Designer during the website redesign, PowerPlan adopted the Tagembed LinkedIn Widget as a solution to their distress. The decision was primarily influenced by the balance of value and functionality. They were also impressed by the easy implementation and excellent customer service during the discovery and onboarding.

The Tagembed LinkedIn widget proved to be the perfect solution for the company providing a vast range of feed options. From changing the themes and layouts to using the moderation panel to remove irrelevant content from the widget, Tagembed provided them all.
PowerPlan had a long discussion with the Tagembed team, as they keenly listened to all of their requirements.

Not only that, It also allowed their marketing team to seamlessly integrate the Tagembed LinkedIn widget without any prior technical knowledge or expertise. Apart from that, Tagembed’s Auto-update feature made sure that the visitors had access to fresh content every time they were on the website.

Hinton stated that “because of the long runway internally, Tagembed was gracious and patient with our team as we underwent many reviews and rounds of questions. The Tagembed team met my legal and security stakeholders where they were to customize a solution that fit our requirements.’’


+102 New Followers, +26% Impressions, Within 45 Days

The integration of PowerPlan and Tagembed marked a significant milestone for PowerPlan. Not only did it fulfill their long-term wish for website engagement, but it also made the website lively and interactive for the visitors.

The implementation of the Tagembed LinkedIn Widget was visible with the website engagement. Visitors now had immediate access to real-time updates from the company’s LinkedIn channel, showcasing the latest news, insights, and industry developments.

This not only enhanced the user experience but also positioned PowerPlan as a forward-thinking and dynamic player within their industry.

Hinton, Senior Manager of Marketing Communication at PowerPlan, noted that the implementation and ongoing execution with Tagembed were extremely easy and they loved how vast the feed designs were.

hThe Conclusion

The integration of Tagembed’s LinkedIn widget proved to be the gamechager for PowerPlan. It allowed them to showcase their LinkedIn posts directly on their website which was their long-time pending wishlist item. The result was a seamless user experience for visitors, showcasing real-time updates and upcoming webinars and this helped PowerPlan to establish itself as a dynamic player in the industry.

Rebecca Hinton enthusiastically recommends Tagembed to others, underlining their professionalism, helpfulness, and the significant impact the solution has had on PowerPlan's redesigned website.

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