Budget Friendly Facebook Widget For Weebly Website

Add Facebook widget on Weebly website to have a beautiful-looking website and make an ever-lasting impression in the online space.

Useful Features That Maximize The Performance Of Facebook Widget For Weebly

Enhance the charisma of your Weebly website and impress your consumers with help of our amazing features


arrow arrow Creative Customizations

Personalize your widget as per your need. Match it with the theme and feel of your website or brand. Or just play around by changing font size, style, widget background, and more. Display the artist in you and make your widget pleasing to the eyes.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

Enjoy the freedom of selecting the content that displays on the Facebook widget. You can choose the content that improves the look and feel of your website, or content that helps you win the trust of your audience.

arrow arrow Coding-Free

Embed Facebook widget on Weebly website with ease; even if you belong to non-technical background or have minimal to no knowledge about coding, you can still operate this tool like a pro.

arrow arrow Automatic Update

It can be challenging to keep track of the latest content and exhibits on the website, but not anymore. Facebook widget for Weebly by Tagembed offers an auto-update feature that showcases the latest content automatically without manually refreshing the feed.

arrow arrow Custom CSS

Develop and manage Facebook widget displayed on websites without any restrictions. With Custom CSS, design the widget the way you want and control the widget as per your requirements.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

The widget adjusts itself as per the size and resolution of the different screens without affecting the website alignments. You don’t even need to change the display setting as per different sizes; the smart and responsive widget gets the work done for you.

Why Facebook Widget For Weebly Is A Game-Changer For Brands

Benefits and Reasons to convince why one should embed Facebook widget on Weebly


Adds An Appeal To The Website

Facebook is a hub of vivid and eye-catching content. Adding them to the website can add an appeal to your website and help you stand out from the rest. Moreover, an attractive website can leave an everlasting impression on customers.


Increases The Website Traffic

The engaging and compelling content from Facebook has the potential to keep viewers hooked and keep them coming. So, when you showcase them using Facebook widget, it can help you to increase the traffic to your website.


Reduces Bounce Rate

People will remain engaged with the website content, which can help you increase website traffic. At the same time, it reduces the bounce rate. And it is not rocket science to understand how all these factors help your brand in the long run.


Provides Social Proof

Trust is one of the essential factors for any brand to survive. Social proof works in favor of the brands to achieve credibility and, at the same time, helps consumers to make their purchase decision.


Boosts User-Generated Content For The Brand

We all know UGC is marketing gold. And as there will be more content related to the brand, it is better as it helps create brand awareness and improves brand recognition. Facebook widget motivates customers to post content and eventually gives a boost to user-generated content related to your brand.


Builds A Robust Customer-Brand Relationship

Customers feel valued when a brand showcases its content on the website. It shows that brand considers the content from their customers and values it. It eventually helps in building a strong customer and brand relationship.

Embed Facebook Widget On Weebly Website Without Breaking A Sweat

Add Facebook widget on Weebly website with ease. Just follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Login and select Facebook as your social media source & create a feed using Page, My Profile Post, Albums, Page Reviews, and Page Mentions.
  2. Personalize your Facebook widget with themes, banners, background, color, style, etc., to add an allure to the widget.
  3. Copy Embed Code by selecting Weebly Platform
  4. Login to your Weebly website to 'Edit website’ to Drag the' Embed Code' Option & navigate to ‘Edit Custom HTML' and Paste the Code.
  5. Signup For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Facebook Widget?

Facebook widget is like a functional block on the website that enables to showcase Facebook content consisting of images, texts, videos, and more.

How Do I Add A Facebook Widget To Weebly?

To Add Facebook Widget to Weebly, all you need to do is - Collect the Facebook feed from your desired source/sources using Tagembed. Next, Curate & customize the feed as per your need. And finally, copy the provided embedding code and paste it into the backend of your Weebly website.

How Do I Customize My Facebook Widget?

After collecting your Facebook feed, Tagembed provides you the option to customize your feed. You just need to click on the Personalization option on the Tagembed dashboard. You can change the card size, font style, and more to tweak the widget as per need.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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