Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text?

On web content, the by default blue color text which consists of a clickable link is called an Anchor text and it is also referred to as a link turtle or link label. As compared to other text, it is styled differently so the user gets to know that it’s clickable. You’ll reach another online source when you click this hyperlinked part of the paragraph.

Usually, anchor text is made up of one or more clickable words, these words act as keywords and describe the referred link. To know the topic of the web page, keywords in the anchor text work as signals that are used by search engines.

Why Is Anchor Text Essential?

The first and foremost importance of anchor text is it improves the SEO of your website. The anchor text guides the website visitors where they will find the relatable information. To determine what a linked page is all about, both website readers and search engines use anchor text. Google algorithm understands your website structure with the help of relevant anchor text.

To recognize the use of anchor text, it is vital to understand the difference between different types of anchor text. Anchor text must be first priority when you develop a link-building strategy. Always diversify your types of anchor tags and avoid using keyword stuff to improve the SEO of your website.

Different Types Of Anchor Texts

Below are some important types of anchor texts that you can use on your website.

1. Branded

When you hyperlink an anchor with a brand name it is called branded anchor text.

2. Exact Match

In this type of anchor text, an exact keyword where the page is linking. By the localization factor, it is usually enhanced.

3. Partial Match Keywords

Along with some other words for the context, the target keyword is partially included in the linked text.

4. Related Anchor Text

It is very similar to partial match keywords but it links to a page that uses a variation of the target keywords. But related anchor text doesn’t include the actual keyword. To give context about a page you’re linking to, this type of anchor text is a very good way.

5. Naked Link

When the URL of the link is used as an anchor text then it is known as Naked anchor text.

6. Generic

In the generic anchor text, there are no points of reference or any keywords. To determine what it is about, the users will need to read the surrounding text.

7. Images

The alt text works as an anchor text when an image is used as a link.

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