Top-Notch Shopify Pinterest App Widget

Bring liveliness, boost engagement, and improve the overall look of your Shopify store with the Pinterest widget for Shopify and create an everlasting impression on your visitors

Useful Features That Enhances The Performance Of This Shopify Pinterest App Widget

Some of the major features that make this widget result driven and an ideal marketing tool for your business


arrow arrow Widget Customization

You can personalize your widget as per your need. So bring out the artist in you and beautify your widget by changing font size, font style, background color of the widget, and more.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

With content moderation, you can remove content that you think is irrelevant or unwanted. Keep your widget content as your brand exclusive and spark interest in the minds of visitors.

arrow arrow Responsive widget

No matter what device your visitors use they will be able to go through the content of the widget without any trouble. The responsive widget adjusts itself as per the screen resolution automatically.

arrow arrow Auto-updates

The auto updates save you time to refresh the feed to get new content. The widget automatically provides the latest content keeping your visitors engaged and hooked on the site for a long.

arrow arrow Custom CSS

Hands-on your skills to design and display Pinterest feeds as per your liking to allure and amuse visitors on your Shopify store.

arrow arrow Helpful Analytics

Get the statics on the performance of your widget. Understand user behavior, analyze the analytics and make your marketing plans as per readings.

Why Shopify Pinterest Widget Is Tool The You Need

Learn How Adding Pinterest App For Shopify Store Can Help You In Various Ways


Enhances The Charm Of Store

Pinterest has ample appealing content that has a great vibe. You can bring the same vibe to your Shopify store. The Pinterest content helps in improving the overall look and vibe of your Shopify store and eventually helps in making an everlasting impression on your visitors.


Brings Liveliness To The Website

With such competition in the market, it is important to have an edge over your competitors by bringing a certain element to your store. Visual-based content from Pinterest can bring liveliness to the website.


Provides Social Proof

Consumers often use Pinterest to showcase the products they purchased from a brand. You can use these contents as social proof and exhibit them in your store. It helps in creating credibility for your brand and helps customers to make purchase decisions.


Strengthen Brand Presence On Pinterest

With Pinterest Widget App you can showcase the content from your consumers to your store visitors. It makes them feel valued and encourages them to produce more such content. And at the same time inspires others as well, helping you in having a robust Pinterest presence.


Builds A Stong Customer-Brand Relationship

As consumers feel valued when a brand showcases consumers’ content in the store. It eventually helps in building a robust brand-customer relationship, which helps you in maintaining a good reputation and recognition in the marketplace..


Introduces Your Pinterest Page To Your Visitors

Pinterest Widget App provides a sneak into your Pinterest account to your visitors. And as it gets more visits it is likely that if people like your content they might follow your page. Helping you in building a strong representation of your brand on the platform.

Simplest Way To Embed Pinterest Widget On Shopify Store

  1. Add Free Tagembed Pinterest Widget Shopify App to your store.
  2. Collect Feeds from Pinterest with Handle (@), User Board, and Stories.
  3. Personalize feeds based on exclusive themes & layouts, banner, CTA, etc
  4. Use Moderation to filter out selected quality feeds
  5. Finally, Add Pinterest feeds on Shopify store in one click
  6. Install Shopify App

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