Bug-Free TikTok Widget For Shopify

Employ the power of appealing and engaging TikTok content on your Shopify store. Add TikTok widget on Shopify and make your store charming, lively, and pleasing to the eye.

Features That Makes TikTok Widget For Shopify An Ideal Marketing Tool

Increase the beauty and functionality of your TikTok widget and achieve your marketing goals with ease


arrow arrow Content Customization

Personalize your widget as per your choice. Change font size, font style, design background and more. Just bring out the artist in you, and add charisma to your TikTok widget.

arrow arrow Various Themes And Layout

Choose the theme and layout that matches the vibe and style of your Shopify store. The uniformity makes your website more appealing and well-organized. Draw the attention of your visitors on the widget and let it work its charm.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

Select the content that you think looks apt for your store, display them seamlessly on your TikTok video widget, and maintain the quality of your store. Utilize the power of user-generated content and build credibility for your business.

arrow arrow Real-Time Update

You don’t have to worry about updating the feed manually. Your visitors get to see all the latest and updated content with ease. Keep them engaged with your content and spark interest in their minds.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

TikTok widget for Shopify adjusts itself automatically as per different screen sizes. So, no matter what device your visitors use, they get to see the content on the widget comfortably.

arrow arrow Robust Analytics

Analyze the performance of your widget, understand users’ behavior, engagement, and more. Make your decision and future marketing plans based on the study.

Why TikTok Widget On Shopify Can Be A Game Changer For Your Business

Uncover some major benefits of adding Tiktok Widget on Shopify store.


Adds An Appeal To Your Website

The engaging and vivid TikTok feeds add charisma to your store, making it more appealing and pleasing to the eye, which helps improve your store's reputation and recognition.


Makes The Website Engaging

TikTok content has the potential to keep viewers hooked and engaged for long. Keep your visitors hooked with the seamless and latest content and spark interest in their minds.


Provides Social Proof

Build credibility for your store by displaying content related to your brand. Showcase your consumers' videos easily by opting to embed TikTok video widget on Shopify.


Improves Website Traffic

The website's engaging element and charm help keep visitors hooked and attract more to the store, eventually helping to improve website traffic.


Reduced Bounce Rate

Keep your visitors entertained with the content on display. Moreover, real-time updates provide all the latest content, keeping your visitor amused. It keeps your visitors in the store, eventually helping in reducing the bounce rate.


Builds Strong Relationships With Your Consumers

Consumers feel valued when brands showcase their generated content in the brand’s store. Encouraging them to make more content, and at the same motivating other users in producing content, helping you in building a robust brand-customer relationship.

Embed TikTok Widget On Shopify In A Few Minutes Without Breaking A Sweat

  1. Add Free Tagembed TikTok Widget Shopify App To Your Store
  2. Collect Feeds From TikTok With Hashtags And Handles
  3. Personalize Feeds As Per Your Choice
  4. Use Moderation To Filter Out Selected Feeds That Look Appropriate To You
  5. Finally, Add TikTok Widget On Your Desired Page And Position Of Your Shopify Store
  6. Install Shopify App

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