Coding Free TikTok Widget For WordPress

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Robust Features To Improve TikTok Widget For WordPress


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Remove any irrelevant or abusive content from the TikTok widgets before making it live on your wordpress website.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

A highly responsive TikTok widgets are compatible with all themes and being lightweight, is able to load quickly.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Eliminate the need to update the content every few minutes. The TikTok widgets automatically fetches real-time updates to keep the content lively.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Select from a wide array of styling options to suit your style. Choose your preferred fonts, colors, themes, templates, etc.

arrow arrow Data-Driven Analytics:

Closely monitor the performance of your TikTok widgets. Leverage details like total impressions, total likes, clicks, etc.

arrow arrow No Coding:

Easily add TikTok widget on WordPress without the need of any prior coding or technical skills.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Design your TikTok widget for WordPress exactly how you want it with Custom CSS. Customize it according to your website’s theme and personal requirements!

Key Reasons To Embed TikTok Widget On WordPress Website

Still not convinced? Have a look at the main advantages of embedding TikTok videos on the wordpress website below.


Audience Engagement

Videos are 10 times more likely to keep the audience hooked on the website for a longer duration. The more their dwell time, the higher would be your engagement rate.


Boost Conversions

Win over the faith and confidence of your first-time visitors by displaying extremely trustworthy and reliable User-Generated videos. Motivate your visitors to purchase and watch your conversions grow!


Creative Content

Enhance the content quality of your website by replacing the same old boring texts with bright and stunning moving visuals.


Social Proof

Being highly used by its users for display their opinions on brands and their products, TikTok widgets are giant pool of User-Generated Content, which when embedded on the wordpress website can help you display your brand’s social proof.


Boost Website Appearance

Leverage a tastefully designed TikTok widget on WordPress website for instantly revamping and increasing the overall visual appeal of your website & motivating the website visitors to explore the website more.


Drive More Traffic

Bring in more traffic to your website by significantly increasing your click-through rate. Ultimately, enjoy a higher ranking on the search engine ranking page.

4 Easy Steps To Embed TikTok Widget On WordPress

Seamlessly embed TikTok widgets plugin on WordPress following a few simple steps

  1. Create A Free Tagembed Account
  2. Collect your TikTok videos by selecting your preferred aggregation source
  3. Customize & moderate the TikTok widget
  4. Lastly, add TikTok Widget on WordPress website in a few clicks
  5. Download Free WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you embed TikTok videos in WordPress?

Yes, for sure! You can easily embed TikTok videos on the WordPress website using a responsive social media aggregation tool like the Tagembed TikTok widget.

What is the best TikTok Widget Plugin for WordPress?

There are various plugins available online that enable the users to seamlessly embed TikTok feeds, but, the Tagembed WordPress plugin surely tops the list due to its seamless integration and smooth functioning.

What is the TikTok feed plugin?

TikTok feed plugin refers to the plugin that can be used by the users to create an attractive gallery of TikTok videos in a customized format. The WordPress directory has a plethora of TikTok feed plugins. You simply need to shortlist the one that is lightweight and offers the best features and functionality.

How do I add TikTok videos to WordPress?

The process is extremely simple and can be completed in a few steps. All you need to do is collect the TikTok feeds, curate them as per your needs and embed them on your WordPress website.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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