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Build a deeper, more authentic relationship with your users by showcasing Yelp review widget for WordPress website with Tagembed’s smart Yelp reviews WordPress widget.

Leverage The Power Of Users’ Voices With Yelp Reviews WordPress Widget


arrow arrow Smart Moderation:

Showcase the most compelling reviews on your WordPress website to boost authenticity and build brand credibility.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

Seamlessly integrate user reviews with Tagembed’s responsive Yelp reviews WordPress widget and enhance your website visitors’ experience.

arrow arrow Fetch Real-time Updates:

Fetch reviews as soon as your users share them on the review platform to never miss out on the most powerful content.

arrow arrow Creative Customization:

Personalize your Yelp reviews WordPress widget and match it with your brand’s aesthetics leveraging a plethora of customization options available(backgrounds, banners, colours, themes, designs, & more.)

arrow arrow Actionable Insights:

Avail detailed insights about the performance of your Yelp reviews WordPress widget to know the performance, make adjustments and optimise its performance.

arrow arrow No Coding:

You need not be a tech geek to integrate Yelp reviews widget on your WordPress website. The process is simple, quick, efficient and convenient.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Turn imagination into reality and enhance your Yelp reviews WordPress widget’s look and feel with Tagembed’s custom CSS editor.

Why Embed A Yelp Review Widget On Your WordPress Website?

Help visitors make fast and confident decisions to stay with credible Yelp user reviews integrated on the website.


Build Trust

Winning user trust has become an important factor to be able to scale up operations, regardless of the industry. By showcasing authentic reviews given by your existing visitors on Yelp, you can showcase credibility and win trust easily.


Audience Engagement

When your visitors come across Yelp reviews given by your existing users, they will be inspired to know more about your business listing and might end up spending more time on your website.


Amplified conversions

User reviews are your brand’s greatest asset. By showcasing past visitors' experience with your brand, you can potentially turn leads into conversions and boost revenue.


Better Reach

Collect, moderate, customize authentic content and syndicate on your website to effortlessly expose your business to a wider demographic of potential users.


Foster Customer Relationships

Guests seek validation for the choices they make. By integrating reviews shared by them on your website, you can not only make them feel valued and but also enhance loyalty.


Boost Website Appearance

Integrating a customized Yelp reviews widget on wordpress website, you can enhance the vibrancy and visual appearance of your WordPress website and make it worth-a-while.

4 Step Simple Process To Embed Yelp Reviews Widget On WordPress

Build brand trust, authenticity and presence with Tagembed’s Yelp reviews WordPress plugin.

  1. Create A Free Account
  2. Choose your source network as Yelp> enter your business URL or name and then click on the ‘Create Feed’ button.
  3. Customize & Moderate Yelp widget
  4. Generate embed code and paste it in the backend of your WordPress website.
  5. Download Free WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Yelp Widget?

Yelp is a crowd-sourced online review forum that lets users publish reviews about their experiences with different businesses, which plays a significant role in influencing the minds of potential customers. Brands can collect these reviews and showcase them on their website using a social media aggregation tool like Tagembed.

How Do I Add A Yelp Widget To WordPress?

Adding a Yelp widget to WordPress in Simple. You can achieve it in these simple steps:
  • Start by signing in for free to your Tagembed’s account
  • Next, create a widget> Choose Yelp as your content aggregation source
  • Enter your business page URL or business name to fetch reviews
  • Moderate and customise your widget and copy the generated code
  • Lastly paste it in the backend of your WordPress website

How Do I Add Yelp Reviews To WordPress?

You can easily boost the presence of your business and make it credible by showcasing Yelp reviews to your WordPress website. Here’s how Tagembed can help you:
  • Sign in to Tagembed’s account
  • Create a Yelp widget and enter your businesses URL or name
  • Moderate, customize and publish the Yelp reviews widget to WordPress using an embed code.

Which is the best yelp reviews wordpress plugin?

Tagembed’s Yelp Reviews WordPress plugin is the best plugin to help you fetch reviews generated on the platform and showcase it on your website through a no-code simple process. All that you need to do is, create an account for free, choose Yelp as your source social media network from amongst the 20+ available and you will be all set to benefit from the Yelp WordPress plugin.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed's Yelp reviews widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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