Ultra Efficient Google Reviews Widget For Weebly

Add reliability to your business by adding Google Review Widget to Weebly website, win consumers' trust and build trustworthiness in the market.

Amazing Features That Make Google Review Widget For Weebly Website More Result Driven

Utilize these features for Google Reviews Widget and enhance the performance of your Weebly website


arrow arrow Widget Personalization

Customize your widget as per your need. Match it with the theme of your website or complement it with the concept of your brand. Play around with various customization options and add charm to the review widget.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

Pick the reviews that you want to display on the website and hide the ones that you think are inappropriate. Keep your visitors hooked to your site and spark interest in your brand.

arrow arrow Automatic Updates

Enjoy the feature of auto-updates. That means there is no need to refresh the feed manually to get the latest user reviews on the website; the widget displays them automatically.

arrow arrow Easy-To-Operate

Even if you have a non-technical background, you can still embed Google review widget on Weebly website easily. Operation is coding-free and does not require any technical knowledge or skill.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

The widget adjusts itself per screen sizes and resolutions without hampering the quality and alignment of the website. That means there is no need to change the display setting for different devices.

arrow arrow Custom CTA

With the custom CTA button, brands can provide a simplified and easy way for the customers to write reviews and, at the same time, encourage them to write reviews.

Why Google Reviews Widget For Weebly Is A Smart Marketing Strategy

Embed the Weebly Google Review Widget to enjoy the following benefits:


Makes The Website Engaging

Google Review Widget keeps the website visitor engaged as it enables users to display Google reviews. And we all know that customers tend to go through the reviews and feedback before making a purchase.


Increases Website Traffic

As we all know, consumers read the reviews before making a purchase and often browse websites to search for the reviews. By providing Google reviews on the website itself, brands can expect improved website traffic.


Reduces The Bounce Rate

Reviews tend to keep the consumers hooked to your website by providing them with all the Google reviews related to the brand, keeping the viewers engaged. And this helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website. Reduced bounce rate can be a significant factor in improving your website's search engine ranking.


Builds A Review Cycle

Customers feel valued when a brand showcases their reviews on the website, and when they see the reviews of other customers getting mentioned on the website, it encourages them to write reviews. And it eventually builds a review cycle, helping you to get more reviews on the platform and showcase them on Weebly Google Reviews widget.


Builds Brand Awareness And Reliability

With more reviews related to your brand and better search engine ranking, it can help improve the brand presence online, helping businesses get brand awareness. Also, the review on the website shows that the brand is transparent and isn't shy in showcasing reviews on the official website, helping build reliability.


Produces A Robust Brand And Customer Relationship

With Google review widget helping brands and showcasing customer reviews on the website, it eventually builds a strong relationship with the customers. It shows that brands consider customer feedback and aren't shy about showcasing them on their respective websites.

Add Google Review Widget On Weebly With Absolute Comfort

Embed Google Reviews Widget on Weebly website by following these simple instructions

  1. Login and select Google reviews under the Review Widget tab & create a feed using My places or other places.
  2. Personalize your Google review widget with themes, banners, background, color, style, etc., to add an allure to the widget.
  3. Copy Embed Code by selecting Weebly website/app.
  4. Login to your Weebly website to 'Edit website' to Drag the' Embed Code' Option & navigate to 'Edit Custom HTML' and Paste the Code.
  5. Signup For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Google Review Widget?

Google Review widget is like an operational block on the website, enabling you to showcase Google reviews without affecting your website's speed or quality.

How do I add Google Reviews to my Weebly website?

To add Google reviews to Weebly website, all you have to do is - Signup with Tagembed, collect google reviews with the help of the tool, copy the embedding code and paste it onto the backend of the Weebly website/app.

Is Google Review Compatible With My Weebly Website?

Yes, Google review widget is compatible with the Weebly website. With the Tagembed, you can embed Google review widget on Weebly website without breaking a sweat.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed's Google reviews widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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