Add Google Reviews Widget On WordPress

Effortlessly curate, customize, & embed Google reviews widget on wordpress website to boost authenticity, credibility, & trustworthiness.

Commendable Features That Turn Google Reviews Widget For WordPress Into Powerful Asset


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Allow you to remove abusive or irrelevant Google reviews selectively to display only qualitative & informative content on the website.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget:

Offer seamless integration of Google reviews, compatible with the themes and design of wordpress websites to enhance user experience on any device.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Automatically update latest Google review widget on wordpress website instantly without any manual actions.

arrow arrow Easy Customization:

Design and personalize your Google reviews into the attractive content using themes, layout styles, background, banner, colors, shape, fonts, & many more.

arrow arrow Data Driven Analytics:

Track performance of Google reviews widget with smart and data-driven analytics with useful information about user behavior & engagement.

arrow arrow No Coding:

Embed Google reviews for wordpress website without any need of heavy coding or technical expertise.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Get free-hands on to design your Google reviews display in your own way with zero restrictions by editing CSS and HTML to show qualitative Google reviews widget.

Why Add Google Reviews Widget On WordPress Website

Display Google Reviews To Earn Customer Trust, Loyalty, And Credibility Of Business Drive More Conversions


Audience Engagement

Informative and attractive Google reviews speedly captivates audiences’ attention and increase their engagement on websites with genuine customer reviews.


Boost Conversions

Embedding authentic and real-customer reviews on wordpress websites enhance the reliability and credibility of business and turn into more sales and revenue.


Creative Content

Customized and designer Google reviews refine the website with creative content, enhance the visibility and attractiveness of your wordpress website.


Social Proof

Represent real and unbiased customers’ Google review widget on wordpress website to enhance influential content and make your business valuable to your visitors.


Boost Store

Appearance Creatively designed and embellished Google reviews for wordpress website enhance vibrancy and visual appearance with unique and sparkling layout design.


Leverage Traffic

The authentic Google reviews enhance the informative, useful, and humanized content on the website to increase shareability that results in more unique visitors on your wordpress website.

4 Easy Steps To Add Google Reviews Plugin On WordPress

  1. Create A Free Account
  2. Collect Google Reviews By Connecting Your GMB Account or Search For Business.
  3. Customize & Moderate Google Reviews.
  4. Lastly, Embed Google Reviews Widget On WordPress In One-Click
  5. Download Free WordPress Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Google reviews to my WordPress site?

With the help of Google reviews plugin by Tagmebed, you can add useful Google reviews for wordpress website in less than a minute. Follow these three steps,
  • Connect your Google My Business account or find your business by name or location;
  • Personalize & Moderate collect Google reviews;
  • Embed Google Reviews by copy & paste the Embed Code in wordpress website.

How do I get a Google review widget?

As there are hundreds of Google reviews tools available on the internet, finding the right one is challenging. You can choose Tagembed Google Reviews plugin to add Google review widget for wordpress website without even giving a second thought. Moreover, it provides a free Google review widget so that you can trial and check the performance of Google reviews widget on wordpress website first and then you can upgrade for more functionalities and results.

How do I add Google reviews to Elementor website?

Adding Google reviews to Elementor wordpress website is easy. In three steps you can add Google reviews on Elementor website. Strat with,
  • Open the Elementor;
  • Click to Add Block,
  • Paste the generated embed code for Google review widget on wordpresswebsite.

Is Google Reviews Plugin Responsive?

Yes, Google Reviews WP Plugin is a responsive tool. It offers lightweight and simple designs that adjust easily with the wordpress website themes and layout without damaging the speed of the website. Google review plugin seamlessly integrates with the wordpress website and offers remarkable user experience on every device and screen size.

Is Google Reviews Plugin Compatible With My WordPress Website?

Yes, Google Reviews plugin is compatible with wordpress websites. It provides code that smoothly merges with WordPress website codes and showcases beautifully displayed Google reviews widgets on wordpress website.

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