Embed Google Review Widget App On Shopify

Easily collect, organize and embed Google review widget & ratings on your Shopify store to increase authenticity, credibility, earn more customer reviews & build trust.

Features To Design Creative Google Review Widget On Shopify Store

Augment Google review Widget on with custom & incredible features to enhance the performance for maximum results & ROI


arrow arrow Content Moderation:

Remove irrelevant or unwanted Google reviews deliberately to display qualitative and flawless content only.

arrow arrow Responsive Design:

Lightweight Google reviews widget offers seamless user experience on any device, keeping up with speed & loading time.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update:

Your Google reviews automatically and instantly updates that offers unique & fresh content on your Shopify store.

arrow arrow Customized Reviews:

Design your Google customer reviews for Shopify into attracting and captivating using various themes, designs, banners, background, colors, fonts, etc.

arrow arrow Robust Analytics:

Get useful insights about your customers behaviour, interaction, engagement, and major Google reviews contributors.

arrow arrow Custom CSS:

Modify your Google reviews using custom CSS leaving behind any boundaries and restrictions in your own way.

arrow arrow CTA:

Increase conversions and sales by turning Shopify Google reviews into review accumulator by adding link and CTA like “Review Us” and more.

Benefits Of Tagembed Google Review Widget App For Shopify Store

Leverage customer’s Google reviews on your Shopify Store to increase Visibility, Credibility, Performance, And Profitability.


Audience Engagement

Interesting and attractive Google reviews grab audience attention, increase engagement and dwell time with your Shopify store.


Boost Conversions

Shopify Google reviews app brings inspirations, social proof, and real-life product display through customer reviewsback & tweets, resulting in sales.


Creative Content

The wonderful and decorated Shopify Google reviews boost the content quality and creative appeal that make your Shopify store look visually enhanced.


Social Proof

Google customer reviews app act as an inspiration for your shopify store, creating influential content with customer reviews, reviewsback, and UGC.


Boost Store Appearance

With the colorful, vibrant, and appealing Google reviews window enhance the appearance and sparkling effects on your Shopify Store.


Leverage Traffic

The informative and appealing content boost the visibility and shareability of your Shopify store, increase traffic and number of audience exponentially.

5 Easy Steps To Embed Google Review Widget On Shopify

  1. Install Tagembed Shopify App
  2. Select Google from source window
  3. Customize the reviews with multiple themes, Banner, CTA, font colors, etc
  4. Moderate the review if you want to filter reviews before displaying them.
  5. Lastly, Embed Google reviews On Shopify Store In One-Click
  6. Install Shopify App

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add Google reviews to Shopify?

Yes, with Tagembed Shopify Google reviews app, store owners can add or display Google reviews and ratings with Tagembed to boost the reliability of your website.

How do I add reviews to Shopify?

Within a few clicks you can add reviews to your Shopify store Go to Shopify app store and search for Tagembed Shopify app, > Install it & create a widget to add reviews to Shopify store, > Select Google, > Customize & Moderate the reviews if you want to, > Click on Embed to showcase reviews on your Shopify store.

Where on my website Google reviews display on my Shopify store?

With Tagembed Google review Shopify app, you can showcase Google reviews on the top and bottom sections of your Shopify store. Moreover, with the Custom feature, you can showcase the Google reviews wherever you want to your Shopify to maximize performance and profit.

Can I get a free Shopify Google reviews app for my Shopify store?

Yes, you can add a free Google reviews app on your Shopify store using Tagembed. It provides lifetime free Google reviews, meaning you don’t need to pay a single penny to integrate Google content into your Shopify store.

Is Tagembed Google Review Shopify app compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the Google reviews app is a responsive tool, compatible with mobile devices for every theme and design of Shopify stores. It is a lightweight and smooth Google reviews application that does not damage the loading speed and functionality of your Shopify store.

How will Google reviews be beneficial for my Shopify Store?

Google reviews are unbiased and display real-customer experience of your existing customers. Showcasing Google reviews enhance the trustworthiness and credibility of your Shopify store that boost customer loyalty and conversion rate exponentially.
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