Easy To Use Shopify Airbnb Review App Widget

Flaunt your customers’ reviews and feedback on your online store with Airbnb Review Widget and build brand credibility and eventually increase brand recognition to achieve the marketing goals.

Features That Make Tagembed Shopify Airbnb Review App Widget Special

Learn about some handpicked features of our Shopify app that helps you to stand out from the competition


arrow arrow Widget Customization

Personalize the widget the way you want, change font size, font style, widget background, widget color, and more. Enjoy the freedom to customize your widget as per choice.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

Found a review that mislead your customers or is a spam? Remove them from the widget with just few clicks. You can remove them manually or choose for the filter that automatically removes the content consisting of provided keywords.

arrow arrow Real-Time Updates

The real-time updates provide the latest reviews on your online store. There is no need to refresh the feed or follow some process, all the latest reviews from your Airbnb listing get a feature on your review widget feed.

arrow arrow Theme & Layouts

Shopify Airbnb review app provides different themes & layout designs offering the best user experience and helping to make the store more presentable and organized.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

The widget from the app automatically adjusts itself as per different screen types, there is no need to change display settings as per different devices.

arrow arrow Robust Analytics

Get all the insight about the performance of your widget, and makes notes on user behavior and their engagement with the widget, and with these data you can easily make your future plans.

Why Tagembed Shopify Airbnb Review Widget App Is All You Need

More reviews mean more sales, so why not flaunt reviews to the world, right? Other than that here are some benefits of using Shopify Airbnb Review Widget App


Build Credibility

By showcasing reviews from your Airbnb listing you can easily build credibility for your business and enhance the reputation of your brand in the marketplace.


Increases Audience Engagement

With the reviews on the store, it is more likely that your visitors would like to stay on your store to read the review that eventually increase the


Improves Charm

A good looking and presentbale online presence can do wonders for your brand. With the widget and its customization options you can improve the overall look and feel of your brand.


Reduces Bounce Rate

Consumers often look for the reviews before making the purchase and as they will be able to find the reviews on your store, it is less likely they will explore other website, and that will reduce the bounce rate of your website.


Builds A Review Cycle

When consumers will read the reviews from others getting a feature on the store, it will inspire them to write reviews for your brand and enjoy their limelight on your store. It will help you in building a review cycle and capture more reviews for your brand.


Robust Customer Brand Relationship

Showcase reviews on the store shows that your brand is transparent and isn’t shy to display the reviews they receive and at the same time builds a confidence for the customers for the brand, it eventually build a robust brand customer relationship.

Most Managable Way To Embed Airbnb Review Widget On Shopify

  1. Add Free Tagembed Airbnb Review Widget Shopify App on your store
  2. Collect Feeds from your Airbnb listing
  3. Personalize feeds based on exclusive themes & layouts, banner, CTA, etc
  4. Use Moderation to filter out selected quality feeds
  5. Finally, Add Airbnb reviews feeds on Shopify store in one click
  6. Install Shopify App

Seamless Integration With Other Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed's Airbnb reviews widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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