Add Airbnb Reviews Widget On Squarespace Website

Embed Airbnb reviews widget on Squarespace website and showcase the most convincing reviews from your Airbnb listing on your website to win more customers.

Amazing Features That Make Airbnb Review Widget For Squarespace More Result-Oriented

Enhances the performance of your Airbnb review widget with the help of these incredible features and make your widget more functional.


arrow arrow Creative Customizations

Make your Airbnb reviews widget more charming and attention-grabbing by changing font style, font size, widget color, and more. Match it with the color scheme and theme of your website and brand to make your widget more pleasing to the eye.

arrow arrow Content Moderation

Publish the reviews that you think are appropriate for your website and help consumers to make their decision. With the moderation feature, you can remove reviews that you think are unwanted and might mislead your customers.

arrow arrow Coding-Free Setup & Operations

Set up your Airbnb reviews widget on Squarespace website with ease, you don’t even need any coding knowledge or skill. Operating the widget is as smooth as it gets and doesn’t require any technical expertise or wisdom.

arrow arrow Automatic Update

Airbnb review widget exhibits the latest reviews in real-time, you don’t even have to refresh the feed to get new reviews. In fact, your website visitors get to see all the latest reviews and feedback and can make their purchase decisions.

arrow arrow Custom CSS

Develop and manage Airbnb reviews widget displayed on Squarespace websites without any restrictions. With Custom CSS, design the widget the way you want and control the widget as per your requirements.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

As different website visitors might use different screen types to visit your website, Airbnb widget on Squarespace website adjusts itself accordingly. There is no need to change the display setting to make it .

Reasons To Display Airbnb Reviews Widget On Squarespace

Handpicked key benefits of having Airbnb reviews widget on your website that might help you to understand why it has such massive importance.


Assist In Developing Brand Reputation

Airbnb is one of the prominent platforms that consumers often look into. By extracting reviews for your business and showcasing them on the website, you can develop a reputation for your brand and stand out from the competition.


Increases Website Traffic

Consumers would love to be sure about their purchases, and hence surf reviews. By having reviews on your website itself, you can enjoy having huge website traffic on your website and hold them on your website for a long period of time.


Reduces Bounce Rate

By holding them on your website for long periods of time, you can enjoy the benefit of reduced bounce rates. Increased website traffic and decreased bounce rate you have a better search engine ranking helping you in developing recognition and reputation for your business and website


Builds A Review Cycle

When consumers read reviews of other customers on a brand’s website, it motivates them to write reviews and this eventually helps in building a review cycle. That means your business gets more reviews, and you can build a review cycle.


Introduces Brand’s Airbnb Presence

By opting to embed Airbnb review widget on Squarespace website and display reviews of your customers help in developing a transparent reputation for your business. At the same time, many website visitors might get to know about your presence on the platform.


Builds A Strong Customer-Brand Relationship

Building a strong rapport with your customers is important for your business. When you showcase your consumers’ reviews on your website, it reflects that you care about your consumers and eventually helps in building a robust relationship.

Add Airbnb Reviews Widget On Squarespace Website By Following Some Simple Steps:

Embed Airbnb review widget on Squarespace website comfortably. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login and select Airbnb reviews as your source from the review widget tab & create a feed.
  2. Personalize your Airbnb review widget using different themes, choosing banners, selecting background, color, style, etc., to improve the look and feel of your widget.
  3. Copy embed code after selecting Squarespace Platform.
  4. Now, log in to your Squarespace website. After successful login, click on ‘Edit Block’ and select ‘Code’ option.
  5. Paste the embed code & save changes.
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