Astonishing Twitter Widget For Weebly Website

Add Twitter Widget to Weebly website and make your Weebly website more informative, engaging, and appealing with the latest tweets, trends, and more.

Features That Make Twitter Widget For Weebly More Productive And Effective

Improve the performance of your website and widget with the help of useful features.


arrow arrow Coding-Free

Pop that bubble of thought that adding a Twitter feed to Weebly is a long and complex process. The tool is completely coding-free and allows you to embed the Twitter widget on Weebly without breaking a sweat.

arrow arrow Creative Customization

The freedom to personalize your widget as per the need. Change widget color, background, font size, and more to improve the overall look and feel of your website and widget.

arrow arrow Stunning Layout And Theme

Add a charm to your widget by choosing the appropriate theme and layout from a huge range of options. A suitable layout and theme not only make the website beautiful but also makes it look well-organized.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

The responsive widget alters itself as per different screen dimensions. That means no matter what devices your visitors are using; the widget seamlessly displays the content without affecting website alignments.

arrow arrow Automatic Updates

Your visitors get to see all the latest content without refreshing the feed. Just embed the Twitter widget on Weebly, sit back and relax; the widget displays all the latest content from the source automatically.

arrow arrow Analytics

Get a valuable understanding of the performance of the widget, measure the user behavior, interaction, engagement, and more. Plan your future tactics and plans based on the study to reach business goals.

Why Twitter Widget For Weebly Is An Ideal Tool

The benefits one can enjoy by adding a Twitter widget to the Weebly website.


Brings An Engaging Element To The Website

To keep visitors hooked on a website, it should have an engaging element on the site. The Twitter widget has the potential to keep the viewers connected and eventually make your website more attractive.


Adds An Appeal To The Website

Compelling text tweets, lively videos, attention-grabbing images, Twitter has it all. And by bringing all of them to the website, one can add an appeal to the website. The Twitter widget seamlessly exhibits Twitter content on Weebly, making the website charming and appealing.


Increases Website Traffic

As mentioned, the Twitter widget makes the website engaging, brings charm, and at the same time, it is crawlable as well. That simply means one can enjoy having good traffic on the website. And with more website traffic, one can expect good results.


Provides Social Proof

Brand consumers often use Twitter to express their experience with a product or brand. There are various modes to do it, it can be a review, an image with the product, a video while using it, etc. All these works as social proof and visitors can see them by staying on the website.


Reduces Bounce Rate

Tweets often hold viewers for long periods by keeping them engaged. With the Twitter widget on the Weebly website, one can expect great engagement, which eventually helps reduce the website's bounce rate. A reduced bounce rate is a positive for the website and might help in getting a better search engine ranking.


Introduces Twitter Presence

Social media is a fantastic way to reach consumers beyond local boundaries, and for that, it is essential to have a robust social media presence, and for that, it is necessary for more people to know about the social media handles and the existence of a brand. With the Twitter widget, one can introduce the world with their Twitter presence and provide a sneak into it.

Most Manageable Way To Add Twitter Widget On Weebly Website

Few simple steps to add the Twitter widget to the Weebly website.

  1. Login to Tagembed and select Twitter as your social media source & create a feed using Hashtag, Handle, Mention, List, Favorites, Advanced.
  2. Personalize your Twitter widget with themes, banners, background, color, style, etc., to make the widget more appealing to your audience.
  3. Copy the provided Embed Code after selecting Weebly as your platform.
  4. Login to your Weebly website to 'Edit website' to Drag the' Embed Code' Option & navigate to 'Edit Custom HTML' and Paste the Code.
  5. Signup For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Twitter Widget?

The Twitter widget works like a functional block on the website, enabling users to display Twitter feeds seamlessly.

How Do I Add A Twitter Feed Widget To My Weebly Website?

To add the Twitter feed widget on the Weebly website, you must sign up to Tagembed, create the feed, copy the embedding code and paste it onto the website's backend.

How Do I Add Twitter Hashtag Feed On Weebly?

To add a Twitter hashtag feed on Weebly, choose hashtag as your source after choosing Twitter as your social media platform. After the tool completes the aggregation process, copy the provided embedding code and paste it onto the backend of your Weebly website.

How Do I Customize My Twitter Feed?

Once the tool completes the aggregation process, click on the personalization option, and make your desired modifications.

Is Twitter Widget Compatible With My Weebly Website?

Yes, The Twitter widget from Tagembed is compatible with the Weebly website and app. By following some simple steps, you can easily embed a Twitter feed widget on the Weebly website and seamlessly display Twitter feeds.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

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