Best Twitter Widget For Wix Website

Collect & embed alluring Twitter Widget on Wix website to attract & engage visitors.

Powerful Features To Turn Twitter Widget Into Tools

Custom Features To Enhance Twitter Widget That Derive More Results, Boost Performance, & Profitability


arrow arrow Content Moderation

Eliminate irrelevant or inapt Twitter posts to display premium quality content on your website.

arrow arrow Responsive Widget

A compatible and flexible Twitter Widget easily merges with your website design, layout, & theme for seamless user-experience.

arrow arrow Automatic Real-Time Update

Twitter feed widget automatically updates latest & fresh Twitter posts on websites in real-time.

arrow arrow Easy Customization

Twitter widget comes with a wide range of customization options like themes, styles, background, banners, colors, fonts, etc.

arrow arrow Data Driven Analytics

Smart analytics offer useful insights to understand user behavior, sentiments, & major contributors to Twitter feeds.

arrow arrow No Coding

Twitter widget is a code-free way to integrate powerful Twitter feeds effortlessly & efficiently in a single-click.

arrow arrow Custom CSS

Design & integrate Twitter widget the way you want using Custom CSS to inline display with your brand & website.

Why Embed Twitter Widget For Wix Website

Leverage Twitter Widget on Wix Website To Maximize Performance, Profitability, & KPI


Audience Engagement

Twitter widget engages audience with fascinating and informative content increases dwell time & session duration on the website.


Boost Conversions

Twitter widget boosts website authority, credibility, & reliability with visitors that earn trust & conversions.


Creative Content

Wide range of customization options allow the creation of powerful and creative content displays able to capture visitor’s attention.


Social Proof

Twitter posts increase social influence on websites with realistic, awe-inspiring, and action driven content display.


Boost Website Appearance

Vibrant and imaginative Twitter widget enhance website appearance with fresh and creative content displayed using designer themes.


Leverage Traffic

Humanized and informative Twitter feeds build connections with website visitors that increase shareability and bring more traffic.

Simple Steps To Embed Twitter Widget On Wix Website

  1. Create A Free Account
  2. Collect Twitter Feeds Using #hashtag, @mentions, handles, List, Favorites, etc.
  3. Customize & Moderate Twitter Feeds
  4. Open Web Page, Click On Edit Block, & Select ‘ Code’ option
  5. Lastly, Paste The Embed Code & Save Changes & You’re Done
  6. Signup For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Twitter Widget?

Twitter widget is a tool to collect and display Twitter posts in a dynamic manner on the website. With the help of this tool you can easily aggregate Tweets using hashtags, handles, mentions, lists, etc. Moreover, Twitter widget offers you amazing features to beautifully design your Twitter feed display on the website.

How to add Twitter Feed Widget to the Wix Website?

With Tagembed, you can easily add a Twitter feed widget on your website. You will get various features and functionalities to collect, design, and embed creative Twitter feeds to display on your Wix website.

Is Twitter Widget Responsive?

Yes, Twitter widget is a responsive tool that seamlessly integrates on your website. Twitter widget easily merges with your website design and offers a smooth user experience on every device.

Seamless Integration With Popular Tech-Stack

Tagembed social media aggregator widget offers easy integration with all popular CMS platforms, Social Channels, and many more platforms for maximum performance & results.

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